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Candy Crush Level 99 Tips

The presence of the bombs can be very threatening for you in Candy Crush level 99, since you only have 20 moves to clear all of the nine jellies in the board. Furthermore, these jellies are surrounded by meringues and licorice cages, and you might be afraid that clearing them will take up so much of your moves. However, using the right strategy for Candy Crush Saga will almost certainly help you finish this level in just one try. Don’t let those enclosed licorice cages intimidate you too much. Here are some tips I came up with after playing the round a few times that might prove useful. Objective: Clear all the jellies and score at least 65,000 points. Moves: 20 Stars: 1 star = 65,000 points; 2 stars = 110,000 points; 3 stars = 155,000 points Tip #1: At the start of the game, you have two bombs on the board, which will both go off after seven moves. The first thing that you need to take care of in this level are those two bombs, since not doing so will prematurely end your game. Try to make moves that will get rid of these bombs. There will also be more bombs that will appear on the board, so balance your moves in clearing the jellies and removing them. Once you have less than 7 moves, you don’t need to bother with these bombs anymore since they can no longer end your game ahead of time. Back to Top Tip #2: To maximize your moves, use combos in clearing the meringues, licorice cages, and jellies. Wrapped candies will work best in this level, since it will clear a huge amount of blocks in just one move. This is exceptionally good practice for whats to come in the crushing madness that is level 140 of Candy Crush. Combining two wrapped candies near the blockers will be very beneficial, as well as using color bombs with striped candies. You have plenty of chances to create special candies and combos in this level, so use them wisely and aim for clearing a jelly every time you activate any of your special candies and combos. Back to Top Tip #3: Working low will also help you take advantage of the cascade effect. If you can’t find moves directly on the jellies, try to find candy matches below them. The cascading matches will help clear the remaining jellies, and possibly provide more moves for you. Once you beat this level, you’ll move on to the centennial round of the game in level 100 of Candy Crush. You’ll have a heck of a challenge clearing the jellies, meringue, and the locked time bomb in just a small handful of moves. Good luck! Back to Top

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