How to Beat Candy Crush Levels 101-150 | Helpful Guides & Strategies


Welcome to the next stage of your Candy Crushing adventure. After completing the last 50 levels like the awesome Red-Hot crusher you are, you’re used to being challenged more and more as you progress through the game. Make no mistake, that progression does not stop here.

I’ve compiled a list of all of the levels I hear about the most from frustrated gamers, and have written comprehensive guides to help you beat each level. The levels below are the ones that you’ll likely have the most trouble with.

Level 101
Level 102
Level 103
Level 104
Level 105
Level 107
Level 108
Level 109
Level 110
Level 113

Level 117
Level 118
Level 121
Level 122
Level 123
Level 125
Level 128
Level 129
Level 130
Level 131
Level 132

Level 133
Level 134
Level 135
Level 136
Level 137
Level 139
Level 140
Level 144
Level 147
Level 149

If you don’t see a level you feel should have been included in our list, please let me know in the comments or by using our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

Throughout this stretch of the game, you’ll encounter the rest of Salty Canyon (levels 96-110), Peppermint Palace (111-125), Water Wharf (126-140), and part of Gingerbread Glade (141-155). If you’ve finally beaten these stages, then what are you waiting for? Move on to the next grueling run of 50 levels.

Finally, if you need help at all on any given portion of the game, please consult our ultimate Candy Crush resource page and leave a comment for us there if you’d like for us and the rest of the ReadyGamer community to help.

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