How to Beat Candy Crush Levels 251-300 | Helpful Guides & Strategies


You’ve dominated 250 levels now, and you’re moving into what I like to call the “expert rounds”. You don’t make it this far in the game without sheer skill, not to mention unrivaled dedication to a game that can (lets face it) be very, very frustrating at times.

Here are the toughest levels ReadyGamers like me and others in the community frequently have trouble with between levels 251 and 300.

Level 256
Level 265
Level 266

Level 275
Level 277
Level 285

Level 288
Level 290

As you burn through these stages, you’ll finish off World Three, starting with the last part of the Delicious Drifts episode (levels 246-260). You’ll then jump into World Four with the Holiday Hut episode (261-275). This batch of rounds finishes off with Candy Clouds (276-290) and part of the 21st episode, Jelly Jungle (291-305).

Keep up the nice gaming, and never stop working on your crushing skills. You’ve probably learned by now what took me so long to learn when I first started playing – this game isn’t just about swiping candies and hoping something sticks. There’s an overall craft that needs to be honed.

You’ve made it this far, so you’ve proven you can stand up to the road blocks Candy Crush throws your way every few levels. You’re my kind of ReadyGamer.

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