How to Beat Candy Crush Levels 301-350 | Helpful Guides & Strategies

Here are the most difficult levels & their corresponding guides in this stretch of fifty that ReadyGamers like you and I have had the most trouble with.

Level 305
Level 311

Level 315
Level 320

Level 323

As you crush your way through these levels, you will first complete the Jelly Jungle episode (levels 291-305). Next, you’ll find your way over to the Savory Shores episode (306-320), and the Munchy Monolith episode (321-335). You’ll wrap up these rounds with the last episode in World Four, Pearly White Plains (336-350).

Take a moment and peer back at the sheer crushing carnage you’ve left in your wake since you started playing Candy Crush Saga. When I reached this point in the game, having just completed three sets of 100 levels, I started seriously questioning my sanity. This game is so incredibly enjoyable on one hand, but so remarkably frustrating on the other. How have I played it this long?

Seriously, 100 levels TIMES 3. That’s how far you and I have come to this point. And we only have a few hundred more rounds to go until we can say we’ve beat the game. Soak that in for just a moment.

OK, enough reminiscing. Get to work on beating these levels, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment here if I haven’t covered a specific level you need help with! I love hearing when people beat levels using the tips I come up with, but I also enjoy when ReadyGamers contact me asking for help with something they couldn’t find here.

Good luck, and hope to see you on the next batch of levels very soon!


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