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Candy Crush Levels 351-500 Guides

With 350 levels in your dust, you’re likely very good at Candy Crush Saga already. I can virtually guarantee you won’t have much trouble with a great many of the stages that come after 351, if only thanks to your now-ingrained ability to “see the way” towards beating each level. Here are the levels most ReadyGamers, like me, have had the most difficulty beating. We’re going from covering every set of 50 rounds to suddenly covering a batch spanning three times that number. So, naturally you’re going to encounter a far more diverse set of challenges in this range. As you begin, you’ll play through the Fudge Islands episode (levels 351-365), the first episode in World Five. You’ll play all the way through this world, completed Pudding Pagoda (366-380), Licorice Tower (381-395), Polkapalooza (396-410), Soda Swamp (411-425), and Rainbow Runway (426-440). Next, you’ll enter World Six with episode #31, Butterscotch Boulders (441-455). Finishing off this stretch of 150 levels is Sugary Shire (456-470), Cherry Chateau (471-485), and Meringue Moor (486-500). King, the makers of the game, are continually adding new rounds to the game, including an entirely new set of levels in Candy Crush Dreamworld (accessible by clicking on the purple owl you see on the game map). I always try to stay up-to-date on the levels ReadyGamers run into problems with, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment here if you’re not seeing a particularly challenging round.

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