How to Beat Candy Crush Levels 51-100 | Helpful Guides & Strategies


Now that you’ve beaten the previous 50 levels, you can get started with the next 50. Candy Crush levels 51-100 will kick off a HUGE jump in difficulty, and you’ll really start to notice it somewhere around level 56.

I’ve put together a list here of the most complicated levels you’ll run into in this stretch. Please let me know in the comments or via our contact page if you have any questions, or if there’s a level missing from this list that you’re still having trouble with.

Level 51
Level 52
Level 53
Level 55
Level 56
Level 57
Level 58
Level 59
Level 60
Level 62
Level 63
Level 65
Level 66
Level 67

Level 68
Level 70
Level 71
Level 72
Level 73
Level 74
Level 75
Level 76
Level 77
Level 78
Level 79
Level 81
Level 82
Level 83

Level 85
Level 86
Level 87
Level 88
Level 89
Level 90
Level 91
Level 92
Level 95
Level 96
Level 97
Level 98
Level 99
Level 100

In addition to this list, you may also find more level guides on our main Candy Crush hub. Don’t hesitate to check that page for more walkthroughs and helpful hints on each of the most difficult challenges in the game.

The episodes you will encounter while playing through this batch include Minty Meadow (levels 51-65), Easter Bunny Hills (66-80), Bubblegum Bridge (81-95), and part of Salty Canyon (96-110). Once you’ve finished these levels, continue through Salty Canyon and on through the next 50 levels.

Remember, if you have any trouble with a level that we don’t have listed here, please let us know! For any levels we’ve already posted a guide for, leave a comment on that dedicated page and I will personally try to help you any way I can.

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