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Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 10 Tips

Of all the places that the bear could be located, of course it has to be at the bottom of the column that does not have any candies – only obstacles in place. Your goal in this Soda Saga level is to get that lone bear above the candy string by getting rid of the obstacles that are in its way. Since the bear is isolated from the rest of the candies, you need to think of ways to release it in an uncommon way. The most important thing in this level is to make special candies, since regular candies will have no effect whatsoever on the bear. But it’s also necessary to take note that not all special candies can be used in this level. Objective: Get the bear above the candy string. Moves: 15 Stars: 1 star = 3,000 points; 2 stars = 15,000 points; 3 stars = 25,000 points Tip #1 The most important special candy that you can use in this level is the fish booster. They might only be able to get rid of one square, but they target the ones that matter. Since the bear is located separately from the rest of the candies, only the fish candies can help you reach it and release it above the candy string. You can either unlock the fishes trapped in licorice cages, or you can make your own by matching four similar candies shaped like a small square. Back to Top Tip #2 Aside from the fish candy, the only other special candy that can help you achieve you goal in this level is the striped candy. A vertical striped candy on the exact column where the bear is located will immediately complete this level, but it’s not easy to create this. You may also make horizontal striped candies and aim them towards the obstacles, but this is also difficult considering the fact that the candies are coming from the bottom of the board. Unless you can make candy combos like a striped and wrapped candy or color bomb and striped candy, you’re better off making fishes instead. They’re your best bet for this level. Back to Top Tip #3 If you can no longer find any viable moves, you can mobilize the board by making matches at the top. This will lead to more candies coming from the bottom of the board, giving you a chance to make combos that will help you win the level objective. You’ll again be dealing with bears when you reach Candy Crush Soda Saga level 13. This time, however, you’ll be asked to find two big bears. Back to Top

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