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Need more interesting things to invest your free time in? Or perhaps just something to do when you’re bored, or maybe while you use the toilet or have to wait for unnecessarily long periods of time. We have definitely got you covered. Listed in this article are the details of four reasonably priced and unique new titles to consider for your next game purchase. Along with this current Crashlands review, we researched and reviewed similar games to find the most worthy and best bang for your hard earned bucks.Crashlands Review: What is the Crashlands? Developed and presented by Butterscotch Shenanigans this witty game is playable on multiple platforms. Crashlands is a crude action-adventure survival game. This game is expressly unique for its self-managing inventory for crafting. After referring to the Crashlands review the epic story places the delivery truck driving protagonist, Flux Dabes, and his robot sidekick JuiceBox, crash-landed on an alien planet.A frustrating notion Flux can thank the evil alien Hewgodooko for. You then explore, fight, quest, gather resources, craft, build, and tame random creatures to survive as you tap/click your way to total domination of ALL THE THINGS. The Crashlands review previews the multiple game modes for a variety of different difficulties and experiences.If you are interested in more information on this game look at the Crashlands review or are interested in tips strategies, the developers forum, exclusive podcast, or other Butterscotch Shenanigans games and content, check out all the super helpful links below. Regular updates and future DLC’s give this hilariously addictive game an endless journey for complete and total domination of that evil alien dudes’ stupid face. PodcastCrashlands WikiGame Manual Product SpecsA few unique features of this game shown by the Crashlands review is its self-managing inventory, fast crafting, awesome weapons, and way more time for actual gameplay. You don’t have to spend any time at all organizing your inventory anymore. The inventory is also infinite and will even retrieve the necessary tools for you! There are over 500 items that you can craft as you advance and explore.In the Crashlands review we are given a preview of how characters endlessly unlock new places, enemies, and quests while your progression also enables you to craft better items. All of this worlds unique and bizarre varieties of creatures are completely tameable, and combat is skill-based, allowing you to customize your attacks. This game also supports basic controllers/ game pads for the fastest scrounging and fiercest pelvic thrusting any buff little purple delivery guy can possibly manage.PricingCrashlands can be purchased on Steam, the iPhone App Store, Google Play, and the Crashlands official website for approx. $15. All products listed in this article range from approx. $10-$15 for similar quality, storyline depth, specific features, and life expectancy.How it Compares ​​We picked a couple of similar products available on the market to see how they compare. These games were thoroughly investigated, compared, and reviewed on the same basis as the Crashlands review.The Flame in the FloodThe Binding of Isaac: AfterbirthShattered Haven Crashlands Price  Gameplay design quality  Approx. $15 $, $$ As the Crashlands review can attest to this casual craft-to-survive multi-platform game has a self-managing, infinite inventory, you never have to think about that will also retrieve your tools when you need them. Tap/click to navigate through the world, or play with a supported controller/game pad. Crafting menu mechanics are simple for fast and easy crafting. Just stroll around the planet to smash, cut, and hack your resources from the surrounding environment. Juicebox will help you stay on task during quests with a mildly insulting feedback based on the current objective. Just as the Crashlands review describes the gameplay is vibrant, comical, and simple. The unique story provides excitement, plot twists, and many laughs. Crafting and building are fast and simple. The self-managing inventory is functional and easy for any level of gamer to use. Gathering resources are fast and efficient, so you can get back to crafting awesome weapons and helpful tools. Controller/game pad support allows for fast, optimal harvesting and the most comfortable method of gameplay. Currently, this game does not offer any kind of multiplayer or local 2 player co-op game modes. Future updates are said to offer the option to play online with a friend in your local area. PROS Reasonably priced for the quality Playable on multiple platforms Infinite & self-managing inventory CONS Deeply subversive Crafting is required for gameplay Single Player ONLY Sources: The Flame in the Flood This rough yet visually stunning survival, action-adventure, the single player game provides a similar look and feel in its HUD and crafting style. Playing as Wilson, you travel both on foot and by raft through the remnants of a post-societal America. The main goal is survival. You can craft and build shelters, traps, and rafts out of gathered resources.Your journey through the mysterious remains of the estranged city will have you face wild creatures and set clever traps. Upgrade your raft to get from A to B faster. Developed and presented by the art developer from Bioshock, and a variety of veteran team members from Bioshock, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band game series. Price  Gameplay design quality Approx. $15 $, $$ Gameplay is simple, crafting menu and HUD are functional, and the main objective is fairly straightforward. Survive. Shelter and raft building is more simple than one would expect but finding resources can take some time. There are only so many things you can make; items are limited. But the combinations of raft customizations are endless. However, the limited item list makes for a simpler gameplay experience.You don’t die in this game, and your overall objective is plain and simple. Survive no matter what during your epic rough-river voyages and when you travel on foot. This quirky and practical indie game requires you to craft items and tools in order to build various means of survival. Seamless transition from console to the application. Visually impressive gameplay, with a unique storyline. Simple user interface and crafting options. … Continue reading Crashlands Review

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