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The fan base for Evoland is filled to the brim with positive Evoland 2 review after positive Evoland 2 review. What may appear at first to be a simple 2D RPG game soon evolves into something newer, brighter, and more riveting than anyone ever could have imagined. This game is truly like no other, and this Evoland 2 review will show you why.Comparison TableGameDetailsPriceEvoland 2Consists of action, adventure, time travel, and nostalgia$7.99The Bard’s TaleSerious adventure through the life of a bard$2.99Doom and Destiny AdvancedBattling monsters and bosses in this turn-based style RPG$2.99Exiled KingdomsFree-roaming action RPG that brings back the spirit of the classics with the energy of the new ageFree Quick Navigation What Is Evoland 2?Product Specs  Pricing  How It ComparesEvoland 2 ReviewThe Bard’s Tale ReviewDoom and Destiny Advanced ReviewExiled Kingdoms ReviewEvoland 2 Review Conclusion What Is Evoland 2?In this Evoland 2 review, we will look at the Evoland 2 as is the successor to the original Evoland game and was originally released on Steam on August 25, 2015. It was later released for iOS devices on February 28, 2018 and on Android devices on June 18, 2018. The game play aspect of any Evoland 2 review consists of action, adventure, time travel, and nostalgia. You travel with the main hero through the history of action-adventure games as a whole. While exploring, you run into battles with both turn-based and hack and slash combat. What’s truly special about this game is that it evolves as you progress through the game. What starts out as a 2D, pixilated adventure game soon turns into a thrilling 3D quest. Product Specs  As if all that wasn’t enough for you, Evoland 2 also has some hidden secrets for the gamers of the world. As commonly noted in many Evoland 2 reviews, this game references many classic games, both RPG based and non, to keep the tone fun, exciting, and humorous. Hints toward Mortal Combat, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Brothers, and many others let you play something new with a small splash of something familiar. Pricing  The nice thing about Evoland 2 is that you can play it on a multitude of mediums. It can be purchased on Steam for both PC and Mac for about $19.99. There are also some bonus options that you can choose to pay for on Steam if you are a big fan of the game. You can get the Evoland 2 Deluxe Edition that includes the game, an art book, and the soundtrack for around $24.99 or you can get the Evoland bundle that includes Evoland, Evoland 2, and the Evoland 2 soundtrack for around $27.72. And you can look up Evoland 2 reviews online for free. This game is also available for mobile devices. You can purchase this on the App Store for $6.99 or on Google Play for $7.99. These prices include the full game and all of its contents; there are no options for in-app purchases. How It ComparesWe picked a couple of similar products available on the market to see how they compare.     The Bard’s Tale Doom and Destiny Advanced Exiled Kingdoms Evoland 2 Review Price $6.99-$19.99             $$$As mentioned above, this game can be played on either your computer or your mobile device. If you want the mobile version, you can purchase it on the App Store for $6.99 or on Google Play for $7.99. If you want to play on your Mac or PC, you can download Evoland 2 from Steam for around $19.99.​             [amazon box=”B01J468ZPW”]​Ease of UseWhat makes this game both fun and challenging is it’s constantly changing the format. While it remains an RPG game throughout, the way you play and the style of game play changes as you progress. This can make it a lot more challenging for some players, especially if you are not as familiar with different types of combat, but exciting for others. What does make the playability easier is the fact that you can play this game on a variety of devices. It also is rated E for everyone 10+, which means it can be a game you play with your whole family.​Design QualityThe design aspect of any Evoland 2 review is through the roof. The graphic design elements here are nothing short of incredible. You get the classic, pixilated aesthetic, the fun 2D turn-based combat, and the modern 3D hack and slash combat all packed into one game. It has puzzles, versatile game play, and beautifully designed scenery that will keep you engaged the whole way through. Pros High-quality graphics Multiple formats available (PC, Mac, iOS, Android) Innovative concept No, in-app purchases necessary References to other well-known games Cons Cost varies depending on the device The app version is one of the shorter mobile RPG games available There are multiple styles of games mixed together that may be challenging for some players The Bard’s Tale Review The Bard’s Tale was originally released for the Xbox and PlayStation 2, then re-released for Steam many years ago. In December 2011, a mobile version of the game became available for both iOS and Android users. This high-quality game is a lot more than what the title suggests. Rather than take you on a serious adventure through the life of a bard, you get a hilariously satirical hack and slash style journey.Price $2.99 + in-app purchases available           $$If you are looking to download this game for your mobile device, you can get it from either the App Store or Google Play for around $2.99. After you have purchased the game, there are also optional in-app purchases that can help save you time and give more power to your bard.​Ease of UseWhile this game is quite beautiful, it is massive. The minimum required space is 1.7GB, which is quite a large chunk of storage on a mobile device. With a game this massive, it is important to think about what type of device … Continue reading Evoland 2 Review: Ease Of Use, Price, And Pros & Cons

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