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Farm Heroes Saga Level 30 Tips

You’ll notice that most of the levels in Farm Heroes Saga have very limited moves. If you think about it, it is almost impossible to complete these levels, such as level 30 of Farm Heroes Saga where you are only given 11 moves to collect 60 resources. Even though you might get frustrated in repeating this level many times, you should keep in mind that there is a way to get past this level. Bonuses will be very important in level 30, as these are your keys to getting all the needed resources in very few moves. But aside from those, here are other strategies that might help you win this level. Objective: Collect 30 onions, 15 apples, and 15 carrots. Moves: 11 Stars: 1 star = 100% growth; 2 stars = 150% growth; 3 stars = 200% growth Tip #1 In this level, not all the resources present on the board should be collected. Therefore, you need to focus on what you need—apples, carrots, and most especially, onions. Since you need 30 onions, expect that you will have the most difficulty in trying to fulfill this order compared to the other crops that require fewer numbers. Back to Top Tip #2 You will not survive this level if you just make the regular 3-crop matches. Try to increase the bonus points for the required crops by making 4- or 5-crop matches. Focus your energies on finding required crops that have the highest number of bonus points so that you can collect the needed resources in as few moves as possible. It will also help if you limit your moves to just one area of the board. By doing this, you are increasing the bonus points of the crops in that area, hence helping you achieve your level objective. Back to Top Tip #3 Since you only have 11 moves, it is needless to say that you should make every move count. When I was playing this round, I made sure that every move I made collected onions, apples, or carrots, since these are the crops that I needed to complete the level. When I ran out of moves using the required crops, I made sure that I made 4- or 5-crop matches in the unnecessary crops so that I can still use them to my advantage. After finishing this level, you will get the chance to face the Rancid Raccoon in level 33 of Farm Heroes Saga. You will also get the chance to use your Magic Beans for boosters. Back to Top

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