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Farm Heroes Saga Level 100 Tips

Even though you have 32 moves in level 100 of Farm Heroes Saga, this level will undoubtedly test your patience because you have to collect flowers and water droplets on top of other regular cropsies. And as you already know by now, those two are not easy to collect. What further complicates this level is the fact that the flowers are blocking the water buckets, so unless you get rid of the flowers first, you won’t be able to collect the water droplets. But with the proper strategy, you’ll eventually be able to get past this level. Check out the following tips that I used in finishing level 100 of Farm Heroes Saga. Objective: Collect 8 flowers, 40 water droplets, 40 onions, and 40 strawberries. Moves: 32 Tip #1 All the flowers that you need are available to you on the board, but you have to make them bloom first before you can collect them. In the meantime, they act as blockers that can make some matches difficult. They are also blocking the water buckets, so you have no way of fulfilling the water droplets requirement if you don’t collect the flowers first. To gather flowers, you need to make matches adjacent to them three times to make the buds open up, and then get collected. Focus your first moves on making matches beside them, or at least below them so that you can use cascades to collect some of the flowers. Back to Top Tip #2 After removing the flowers, you get access to the water buckets, which need to be filled up before they can release the water droplets needed for this level. Once again, put all your effort on making moves in the bucket areas to create more water droplets. Just like the flowers, you need to make matches beside the water buckets three times before you can get the water droplets. After doing that, match the water droplets accordingly. Back to Top Tip #3 You also need strawberries and onions to finish this level. Since they are easy to collect, you don’t need to concentrate on them too much. If you have the chance, use these cropsies to collect the flowers of fill up the water buckets. If you continue working in the area where the flowers and buckets are, you’ll also be able to induce cascades, which can help collect the strawberries and onions without an additional move. This is a relatively easy level if you just know where to focus. You should already be glad that you have more than 14 moves to accomplish your goal, unlike in Farm Heroes Saga level 103. Back to Top

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