Farm Heroes Saga Level 103 Tips &: How I Beat This Level?

Having a small board is not always a bad thing here in Farm Heroes Saga. Sure, wide boards create a lot of possible matches, but small boards can also help you. In fact, it can help you score better matches because the matches are easy to spot in a cramped tiny space.

That is exactly the case here in level 103 of Farm Heroes Saga. So even if you only have 14 moves to get all 200 required resources, you’ll find that it’s actually quite easy to do that, thanks to the small board. Here are also some other tips to make your experience in level 103 a breeze.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Take advantage of the small board.
Tip #2 – Make lots of special matches on the required crops.
Tip #3 – Focus on the sides since they have more space.
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  • Objective: Collect 50 onions, 50 suns, 50 strawberries, and 50 water droplets.
  • Moves: 14

Tip #1


As I previously mentioned, you have a small board that can work wonders for you. Since you need to collect all the crops on the board, you can simply match everything on the board. You don’t even have to worry about hitting buckets since the water droplets are already ready to collect.

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Tip #2


Since you only have 14 moves, the best way that you can take advantage of the small board is to make special combinations, which are plenty. By that, I mean four- or five-crop matches. It doesn’t matter if you collect them horizontally, vertically, in an L-shape or T-shape—the important thing is that these matches can increase your bonus points, helping you achieve the level objective faster.

The best combo that you can create is a five-crop vertical or horizontal match, since it will collect all similar crops on the board. But this does not mean that other combos will be worthless. Just grab any combos that you can make as they will definitely increase your score.

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Tip #3


A small board can also make you feel a little cramped, so feel free to focus on the wider parts of the board, which are the left and right sides. You’ll easily find matches there that can help you speed your way towards your level objectives.

If it is possible, try to focus on just one side. This will enable you to increase the bonus points in that area. With higher bonus points, you’ll be able to maximize your 14-move limit because every move will be equivalent to more than three cropsies. Remember, 200 cropsies are not easy to collect, so it’s best to make the most out of your moves.

After completing this level, you’ll get an opportunity to encounter rotten eggs in the Farm Heroes Saga level 115, so keep on playing.

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