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Farm Heroes Saga Level 115 Tips

Level 115 of Farm Heroes Saga is quite an unusual level, basically because you actually have 45 moves to finish this game. When I first played this, I thought, “At last, I got enough moves in one level!” But even if you have an abundance of moves in this level, you have to make sure that you make every move count to avoid the shame of repeating this level. The only complications in this level are the water droplets and dragon eggs, but it’s quite easy to collect them as long as you have a strategy in place. Read on to find out the Farm Heroes tips how I managed to get past this level unscathed. Objective: Collect 5 dragon eggs, 40 water droplets, 50 onions, and 50 carrots. Moves: 45 Tip #1 One of the best things in this level is that all the four water buckets are perched beside one another. That means that it is easy to trigger most of them in just one move, unlike when the buckets are far apart and your moves will only hit one bucket at a time. It is quite easy to fill them up in this level. However, you should also take note that you need 40 water droplets to be matched, and that’s quite a huge amount. You can’t rely too much on cascades because the buckets are at the bottom of the board. Hence, you should really focus your efforts on making matches around the water buckets to keep the droplets coming. Back to Top Tip #2 You might be bothered at first by the presence of dragon eggs. After all, it is quite hard to collect the dragons because you have to match the eggs twice to get them. But you will also notice that the dragon eggs just keep on coming in this level, so it is quite possible that they will be matched on their own and even trigger cascades, just like in the case of onions and carrots. With this in mind, don’t spend too much time trying to hatch the eggs. You should still match them if you see a good combination, but the water buckets should be your priority. Back to Top Tip #3 Needless to say, you need to keep moving at the bottom of the board. Not only will this create cascades, but it will also hit the water buckets, causing them to release the droplets that you need to collect. When you finish this round, you’ll once again have a face-off with Rancid the Raccoon in Farm Heroes Saga level 120. Back to Top

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