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Farm Heroes Saga Level 120 Tips

Level 120 of Farm Heroes Saga is another difficult level of battling against Rancid the Raccoon. In this level, you only need to collect carrots in order to defeat him. But the problem is that there are many other cropsies that you don’t need on the board, making it difficult to match the carrots. Furthermore, there’s a rabbit that shows up every now and then to steal one of your carrots, possibly spoiling a move you’ve been setting up. You may be tempted to buy boosters just so you can defeat Rancid. But before you do that, try the following Farm Heroes strategies that will help defeat Rancid the Raccoon without boosters. Objective: Defeat Rancid the Raccoon. Moves: 24 Tip #1 If you have to use one booster in this level, let it be the Magic Beans. You should really save up your Magic Beans for Rancid the Raccoon levels because he is becoming harder and harder to defeat as you progress to the higher levels. A +2 Magic Beans booster can make the level easier for you, but of course it comes with a price of 3,500 beans. Back to Top Tip #2 You may spot many viable matches on the board, but the only thing that you need to focus on is the carrots. Carrots are the only cropsies that can defeat Rancid in this level, so you have to match them in every chance you get. Don’t waste your moves matching the cropsies that are not needed, unless you do it to setup a carrot match. Another useful reason for matching non-required cropsies is that it helps trigger cascades and mobilizes the board when you no longer have carrots to be matched. Back to Top Tip #3 Another annoying addition in level 120 of Farm Heroes Saga is the rabbit, which pops on your board after every move with one goal in mind—to steal your carrots. Thus, you might find it frustrating to setup a carrot match, only to be upset by a rabbit. Fortunately, there is something that you can do about this rabbit. You can temporarily immobilize it by making a match next to it, regardless of what crop it is. But don’t get too caught up doing that, because you might find yourself running out of moves in this level. If your toughest opponent in this level is the rabbit, then wait until you get to Farm Heroes Saga level 124, where you’ll then be required to hatch dragon eggs alongside other required cropsies in 45 moves. Back to Top

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