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Farm Heroes Saga Level 129 Tips

By now, you’re probably used to the fact that Farm Heroes Saga levels always seem to have a skewed crop-move ratio. But wait until you see level 129 of Farm Heroes Saga, where you need to collect a total of 360 cropsies in just nine epic moves. This is certainly a level where you need to maximize every move you have; otherwise, you’ll end up losing over and over again. But it’s also an enjoyable level, since all the cropsies on the small board are required. You’ll have a lot of fun gathering crop after crop, but the question is, are your efforts enough? Here are some tips that can help you get past this level. Objective: Collect 90 apples, 90 carrots, 90 suns, and 90 water droplets. Moves: 9 Tip #1 Since you have a small board, it is very conducive for making all kinds of special combinations, such as four and five-crop matches. As I previously mentioned, all the crops that you see on the board are required for this level, so you can go trigger-happy and match all of them. But since you only have nine precious moves, you also have to think about the matches you make. Aim for those that can create combos so that you can increase the bonus points of every crop and thus achieve the level objectives. Back to Top Tip #2 There are several grassy patches located on the board, particularly at the left and right edges and at the bottom of the board. If you see any match on those areas, grab them, as they will double your points. Remember, you need all the bonuses and reinforcements that you can get in this level because of the nine-move limit. If you can increase the bonus points of the cropsies on the grass, then all the better for your game. Back to Top Tip #3 One way to increase your bonus points to focus on making matches on one side of the board only. The more matches you make in one area, the higher the bonus points that the surrounding crops will make. I suggest that you focus on the bottom of the board for two reasons. One, it will induce cascades that will help you collect your resources. And two, there is a grassy patch at the bottom of the board, making it easier for you to multiply your points and gather all the 360 required cropsies. Now that you’ve got a taste of collecting only basic cropsies, get ready to collect more complicated cropsies in Farm Heroes Saga level 153. Back to Top

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