Farm Heroes Saga Level 153 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

Level 153 of Farm Heroes Saga is unique because of its two boards—a larger one and a smaller box located on the lower right hand corner of the screen. That also means that things are going to get tricky in this level, since you need to manage not just one, but two boards.

What makes things worse is that one of the resources that you need can only be collected in the smaller board. And since that board is very small, measuring only 3×3 blocks, there will be times when it’s not possible to make any move on that board. If you ever get stuck in this complicated level, here are some Farm Heroes tips that might help you out.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Concentrate on making matches near the water buckets.
Tip #2 – Make huge sun matches for bonus points.
Tip #3 – Don’t let the other cropsies distract you.
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  • Objective: Collect one chick, 10 droplets, and 30 suns.
  • Moves: 25

Tip #1


You need to concentrate on making adjacent matches to the water buckets, since this will create water droplets that you need to collect. This won’t be very hard, since there are many water buckets along the edges of the larger board.

But even if you’re able to collect all the needed water droplets, you have to keep on hitting the buckets in the hopes of mobilizing the smaller board. As I said before, it’s hard to make moves on the small board, so the only way that you can create moves there is to hope that a droplet will find its way towards it, unfreezing the two other water droplets located there, and thus helping you collect one chick located on that board.

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Tip #2


You should also not forget that you are required to collect 30 suns to finish this level. In order to conserve moves, you need to make huge combos to increase the bonuses of the sun, helping you complete the required suns in just a few moves. Aim for a five-match sun combo in order to collect all the other suns on the board.

Popular: Top 10 Farm Heroes Tips. Beat the Game’s Most Difficult Levels.

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Tip #3


Just like most levels of Farm Heroes Saga, there are other cropsies on the board that you don’t need to collect, like the strawberries and apples. You even have flower buds in the smaller board, which act as blockers and are not needed to finish the level. Don’t let these other crops distract you from your level objectives, and just keep on focusing all your efforts towards gathering the required resources.

After finishing this level, you have a chance to advance to Farm Heroes Saga level 157, where you’ll be asked to collect 30 resources in 30 moves.

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