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Farm Heroes Saga Level 161 Tips

Level 161 of Farm Heroes Saga is a pretty exciting level, even if you only have 23 moves to finish it. The great thing about it is that you can expand the grassy areas, which, as you know by now, doubles your cropsies’ points. Because of that, you’ll also get to dodge the grumpy cropsies that are always threatening to conquer your board. But still, you only have 23 moves to collect 135 various cropsies, which is far from being an easy task. Hence, this level still cannot be considered an easy one. Read on to learn about the effective Farm Heroes strategies that I used in completing this level. Objective: Collect 45 carrots, 45 onions, and 45 strawberries. Moves: 23 Tip #1 Grass doubles your points, so more grass means better chances of scoring higher. In this level, you are actually allowed to grow your own grass, which you can make by combining a water droplet with any crop on the grass. However, just as you did in level 99, do not make the mistake of combining too many of them, as you only have 23 moves. Make sure that you still have enough moves to collect the needed resources and not go trigger-happy with the grass. Back to Top Tip #2 Once you have expanded your grass, you should also make sure that you make most of your matches on it, since the grass will be completely useless if you don’t do that. The grass will double your points, making it easier to economize the limited moves that you have so that you are able to achieve the level objective. It is also a good thing to increase the value of your required cropsies first before combining them on the grass. That way, you certainly get more than six crops at a time. Back to Top Tip #3 Aside from doubling points, the grass has another function: it makes grumpy cropsies normal again. Take this opportunity to make all those pesky grumpy cropsies into viable crops that you can match to earn points. While the grumpy cropsies are not yet on the grass, avoid matching them because they will infect the other cropsies and yield zero point. That translates to a wasted move, which is a big no-no in a level with less than 25 moves. You’ll again deal with a bunch of grumpy cropsies when you get to Farm Heroes Saga level 173, where you also get to meet Rancid the Raccoon once again. Back to Top

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