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Farm Heroes Saga Level 181 Tips

Level 181 of Farm Heroes Saga is certainly a difficult level to beat, basically because you only have 10 moves to collect 105 crops. Furthermore, the staircase-like shape of the board adds to the challenge, as this makes creating matches a bit more difficult. Since you only have 10 moves to collect a huge amount of crops, it goes without saying that every move should count. You might want to use some of your Magic Beans to buy a shovel booster to help you in this level, but if you want to save your beans for later, here are some of the Farm Heroes strategies that might work for you. Objective: Collect 35 apples, 35 carrots, and 35 strawberries. Moves: 10 Tip #1 Your grassy areas are limited at the start of the level, but you can easily make more by combining water droplets with the crops on the grass or with the brown seeds. This will help you in two ways. First, it can help you double your points, which you badly need because of the limited moves you have, and second, it can help you transform some of the grumpy crops into normal ones that you can use in achieving your level objectives. Back to Top Tip #2 Always be on the lookout for any matches on the grass. In fact, majority of your moves should be focused on making good matches, not just ordinary ones but four or five-crop matches, T-shaped and L-shaped alike. As much as possible, make those moves on the grass so that you can double your points. Also choose the crops that have high bonus points in them so that you can achieve your goal faster, using as few moves as possible. Back to Top Tip #3 Every now and then, a rabbit will spoil your chances of making carrot matches because it will steal one of your carrots. You can prevent this from happening, at least for some period of time, by making a move adjacent to the rabbit. This will leave him knocked out for a few moves, thus biding you time to make the matches that you need. Making good matches should be your focus in this level. Making more grass and paralyzing the rabbit should only come secondary, since they do not directly affect your goals. Get ready to deal with more grumpy cropsies when you approach Farm Heroes level 192. Aside from them, you’ll also need to hatch eggs and create grass to complete the level. Back to Top

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