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Farm Heroes Saga Level 221 Tips

Now that you’ve come so far in level 221 of Farm Heroes Saga, you know well by now that you always have limited moves compared to the number of cropsies that you need to collect. This level is no exception, as you need to gather 150 cropsies in just 27 moves. You’ll find all the usual obstacles here—grumpy cropsies, purple slime, and non-required crops. Actually, winning this level is not as hard as the others, but it also depends on a lucky board. You may only need a couple of tries to complete this level, especially if you use the tips and Farm Heroes cheats I am going to share to you. Objective: Collect 50 carrots, 50 apples, and 50 onions. Moves: 27 Tip #1 As you already know by now, combining water droplets with seeds will enable you to create grass. The seeds are located at the top corners of the board. They will be quite useless if you use them right then and there. What you need to do is to get those seeds down first in the middle of the board, and then start making grass there. That way, you are covering the purple slime that makes every crop grumpy, and thus convert those cropsies into normal ones that can be collected to achieve your level objectives. Back to Top Tip #2 Once you’ve got the grass all pat down, the next thing that you need to do is to create matches on the grass. This will help double your points, and at the same time let you make use of grumpy-turned-happy cropsies. Since you need to collect at least 150 different cropsies, you can multiply them in just a few moves by making matches on the grass. Another thing to remember (as you did back in level 80 of Farm Heroes)is to only focus on the cropsies that you need, which are apples, carrots, and onions. Other cropsies, like suns and even water droplets, should only be used as needed and only sparingly. Back to Top Tip #3 If you spot any of the required cropsies that can form huge combinations, do not hesitate to play them. I’m talking about those that require four or five cropsies, since these will give you higher bonus points. It is also a lot better if you make these huge moves on the grass so as to further increase your score. Who knows, you might even enter Hero Mode and get the opportunity to increase your growth and collect more Magic Beans. After finishing this level, you’ll be tasked to start collecting more complicated cropsies, such as flowers and water droplets, in the next round, Farm Heroes Saga level 222. Back to Top

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