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Farm Heroes Saga Level 222 Tips

Level 222 of Farm Heroes Saga looks really complicated at first glance. Among the cropsies that you need to collect are flowers, which are situated outside the main board. Aside from that, you only have 25 moves to collect all 252 required cropsies, and that is not an easy feat. Although you only need two flowers, you will realize that this is the most difficult part of your objective. I’m telling you right now that you need to be very patient with this level, as there is a good chance that you might repeat this level several times before finally completing it. Here are some of the strategies that I used in my own gameplay. Objective: Collect 2 flowers, 150 water droplets, and 100 apples. Moves: 25 Tip #1 There are many water buckets on the board, so hopefully you will not have a hard time trying to collect the water droplets. All you need to do is to make matches beside the buckets three times in order to let them release the droplets that you need to gather in the game. Since you need 150 of those droplets, most of your moves should be geared towards collecting the droplets. Don’t pay too much attention on the apples, since you can get those via cascades. Back to Top Tip #2 Another reason why you continuously need to hit the water buckets is because this will also help you collect the flowers. As I said before, the two flowers you need are not in the main board, and the only way that you can reach them is by letting the droplets hit the other cropsies beside the flowers. When the droplets finally make a match, this will make the flowers bloom and hence be eventually collected. You also need to remember that flowers should be hit twice before it can be collected. Unless you have a shovel booster, your best bet in collecting them is through the water droplets. Back to Top Tip #3 Do not forget that you also have grassy areas on the board that can double your points. Make sure that you utilize the grass by making apple and droplet matches on them. This should not be that hard because the buckets are surrounded by grass anyway. You also have the option of expanding the grass so that you can further increase your score. Do this by matching a water droplet with a crop on the grass. If this level has flowers and water buckets, Farm Heroes Saga level 238 has both chicken and dragon eggs. Keep on playing until you reach this level. Back to Top

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