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Farm Heroes Saga Level 238 Tips

In this level composed mainly of eggs and onions, you are tasked not just to hatch a couple of eggs, but to actually collect 10 of them—five dragons and five chicks. This is perhaps one of the highest egg requirements that you will encounter in Farm Heroes Saga. Fortunately, you don’t have any unnecessary crops on the board of level 238. That means that you can just match all the cropsies without avoiding anything, except for the water droplets that will be released by the two water buckets on the board. To be honest, this level is actually easier than what it looks like. Here are some Farm Heroes tips to help you complete this level. Objective: Collect 100 onions, 5 chicks, and 5 dragons. Moves: 25 Tip #1 Since you need to hatch 10 eggs, you also need to focus on doing just that. Remember that you have to match three eggs to create one semi-cracked egg, and then match three semi-cracked eggs to finally hatch it. That entails a great deal of work, so majority of your 25 moves should be devoted to this task. It is also best if you avoid matching more than three eggs, since huge combos do not have any effect on the eggs. You’ll also be wasting your eggs this way, making it all the more difficult for you to match adjacent eggs. Back to Top Tip #2 Remember that aside from the eggs, you also need to collect onions. Since onions are the only cropsies on the board, you will have a lot of opportunity to create huge matches, such as four- or five-crop matches. This will increase the bonus points of your onions, which can help in your overall level objective. Aim for making five-crop horizontal or vertical matches in order to collect all the onions on the board and to generate new ones. Back to Top Tip #3 You’ll notice two water buckets on the board. Try to avoid them as they don’t really serve a purpose in the game other than to pester you. Do not waste your moves matching water droplets, and instead just focus on the eggs and the onions. If you can altogether avoid the buckets, do so, as the water droplets will only remove some of the eggs and onion cropsies on the board. When you finish this level, you will get a chance to encounter bombs in the game once you reach Farm Heroes level 263. Back to Top

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