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Farm Heroes Saga Level 263 Tips

The bombs are your biggest enemies in level 263 of Farm Heroes Saga. They make your game all the more complicated, aside from the fact that you only have 15 moves to collect all 124 required cropsies. If you don’t clear the bombs at the start of the game, you might find yourself lacking matches for the required cropsies. But this is not that easy to accomplish, as those sturdy flowers are blocking your bombs from falling down and being matched with the rest of the cropsies on the board. Here are some Farm Heroes strategies that might be able to help you in finishing this level. Objective: Collect 4 flowers, 40 water droplets, 40 suns, and 40 apples. Moves: 15 Tip #1 Since the flowers are blocking the bombs, you need to get rid of those flowers first before you can access the bombs. You can do this by making matches adjacent to the flowers. Each flower should be hit thrice in order to collect them. By doing this, you are accomplishing two things. One, you are helping release the bombs that might be detrimental to your game, and two, you are collecting the required flower cropsies. Back to Top Tip #2 After clearing the flowers, you’ll have access to the bombs, which need to be eradicated in order not to lose any cropsies. Once the counter on the bombs reach zero, you’ll start losing cropsies, so you have to avoid this at all costs. Look for any combinations on the board that will get rid of those bombs. This can be done by matching the bombs of the same color, or matching them with cropsies of similar color. Since the counter starts at nine moves, you have plenty of time to get rid of all of them. Back to Top Tip #3 In order to collect all the required cropsies in just 15 moves, you have to make some pretty large combos in order to get higher bonus points. That means that you should not settle for the regular three-match cropsies, but look for matches composed of four or five crops. If you make a horizontal or vertical five-crop match, you’ll be able to collect all the similar crops on the board, hence giving you a huge advantage in achieving your level objective. Just make sure that you only focus on the required crops, as there are other crops on the board that you don’t need. After this level, you’ll have a chance to get to Farm Heroes level 270, where you’ll get to meet the spiders and their webs. Back to Top

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