Farm Heroes Saga Level 272 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

Level 272 of Farm Heroes Saga has all kinds of annoying obstacles imaginable. You have water buckets, which release water droplets that are not needed on the board. You also have bombs, which makes you lose cropsies once they go off. And of course, you have that irritating spider, which locks your cropsies into webs and jumps from one nest to another.

Needless to say, level 272 is a pretty difficult one, especially since it is an animal club level. If you want to finish this level in 15 moves, here are some tips for Farm Heroes that might be able to help you.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Clear the bombs first to avoid losing cropsies.
Tip #2 – Break the spider’s nests to capture the spider.
Tip #3 – Be careful of using water droplets.
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  • Objective: Collect 1 spider, 50 apples, 50 onions, and 50 suns.
  • Moves: 15

Tip #1

Your first priority in this level is to clear the bombs, which are thankfully very few in this level. The bombs tick off in nine moves, so if you don’t want to lose some much-needed cropsies, you have to make sure that you deal with the bombs the moment they appear on the board.

Aim for moves that will clear more than one bomb or will collect needed resources, since you only have 15 moves. You can’t waste all of them just trying to clear bombs, since that is not the level objective.

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Tip #2

Dealing with the spider will perhaps be the hardest thing to do in this level (similar to how difficult the dragon eggs were in Farm Heroes level 124). Target the spider by destroying its nests peppered throughout the board, because as long as there are available nests to jump on, the spider will not be collected.

Destroy the webbed cropsies by making matches using them, and then destroy the nests by making adjacent matches. When the spider reaches its last nest, you only have to make a match next to it in order to collect it.

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Tip #3

While water buckets do not serve any clear purpose in this level, you might actually want to utilize them since the droplets they produce can help destroy some webs on the board. This will lighten your workload and help you reach the spider faster.

However, the droplets can also disrupt your game by replacing some of the needed crops. You need to be very careful in using these droplets since they can either make or break your game. My advice is for you to use the droplets when your board is full of webs; otherwise, avoid the buckets.

You’re still not done with spiders as you will again encounter these in Farm Heroes Saga level 281.
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