Farm Heroes Saga Level 281 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

With only 20 moves to spare in level 281 of Farm Heroes Saga, you need to be very careful with every move you make. It might be very jarring at first to see the many webs that the spider has created, even going so far as covering some bombs so that you can’t readily remove them. The best thing to do is not to panic and keep your presence of mind; you’ll find a way to figure this out.

Most of the crops that you see on the board are not needed, so take note of the cropsies that you need before starting the game. Aside from that, here are some other tips to help you get past level 281.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Collect the spider by destroying its nests.
Tip #2 – Clear the bombs before they reach zero.
Tip #3 – Make huge combinations.
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  • Objective: Collect 1 spider, 42 onions, and 42 strawberries.
  • Moves: 20

Tip #1


Just like any spider round, your priority for this level is collecting the spider. The longer that it stays on the loose, the more crops will be covered in spider webs. Remember that the spider jumps from nest to nest and covers the surrounding cropsies with webs so that you can’t reach it.

Follow where the spider takes you and destroy the webs capturing the cropsies around it. Make matches adjacent to the spider and its nest in order to destroy the nest and prompt the spider to go to another nest. Repeat this process until the spider is stuck in one nest, ready to be collected.

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Tip #2


Sun bombs are present on the board, but keep in mind that suns are not actually needed in this level. Therefore, focus only on destroying the bombs, and don’t focus too much on matching suns since this will not benefit you in any way. You need to get rid of the bombs because once their counters reach zero, some of your needed crops will be stolen, thus making the game harder for you.

To get rid of bombs, match them with similar colors or with other same-colored bombs.

Popular: Top 10 Farm Heroes Tips. Beat the Game’s Most Difficult Levels.

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Tip #3


As for the strawberries and onions that also need to be collected, look for large matches so that you can collect as many of them as possible using the fewest moves. When trying to reach the spider, try to break the webs surrounding onions and strawberries first so that you are not only getting close to the spider, but also collecting the other required cropsies. Cascades may also help you in gathering these resources.

You’ll get more spider action as you finish this level and play Farm Heroes Saga level 282.
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