Farm Heroes Saga Level 282 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

Get ready to see a board full of webs in level 282 of Farm Heroes Saga. Again, you need to collect that one notorious spider that keeps on capturing cropsies in webs, as well as some other cropsies just to complicate things. And of course, you have to collect 175 cropsies in just 30 moves.

The basic rule in this level is not to get too overwhelmed with all the webs you see on the board. Trust me, it can be very frustrating to watch all your cropsies get covered by webs, but keep in mind that there are only three other webs that you need to destroy aside from the one being used by the spider, so it’s really not that difficult. Here are some other things to keep in mind in order to win this level.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Attack the spider right away.
Tip #2 – Make huge matches with other required cropsies.
Tip #3 – Keep the middle part of the board free of webs.
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  • Objective: Collect 1 spider, 58 strawberries, 58 suns, and 58 water droplets.
  • Moves: 30

Tip #1


As always, your priority in every spider level is collecting the spider. You can’t easily get rid of it, as you need to destroy the webbed crops surrounding it first before you can reach it, and even then, it will jump from one nest to another as long as there are nests to jump onto.

Be patient as you destroy nest after nest until there are no more left where the spider can escape. When that happens, you just need to make a match next to the spider in order to collect it.

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Tip #2


Collecting the spider will definitely consume much of your moves, so you really need to be extra resourceful when it comes to collecting the other required cropsies. Try to make huge matches with the strawberries, suns, and water droplets so that you collect as much as you can in just a few moves. You can also look for cropsies with the highest bonus points and collect them.

It will also help if you try to reach the spider by removing the webs around the required cropsies. That way, you are not just collecting the cropsies, but also pursuing the spider.

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Tip #3


The amount of webs on the board can be overwhelming, but if you keep the middle of the board free of webs, it will be easier to navigate around the whole board. Making moves in the middle of the board can help you destroy webbed cropsies on all sides, and at the same time induce cascades that can help you gather all the required cropsies. It also helps clear your mind if you see a patch on the board without any annoying webs.

Things will level up a little when you reach Farm Heroes level 284, as you will be tasked not just to get rid of spiders, but also to collect a few flowers as well.
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