Farm Heroes Saga Level 296 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

By this time, you are already well-versed in battling against spiders that level 296 should be quite easy for you. Of course, because of the limited number of moves versus the amount of cropsies to collect, you still need to be very precise in your moves, always aiming to collect the required cropsies with every move you create.

Again, your priority should be the spider and its nests, but you should also pay special attention to the other cropsies that you need to collect before you run out of moves. Here are some Farm Heroes tips that I can give you in order to get past this tricky level.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Clear the nests to get rid of the spider.
Tip #2 – Increase the value of other required cropsies before collecting them.
Tip #3 – Don’t bother collecting suns and water droplets.
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  • Objective: Collect 1 spider, 45 apples, 45 onions, and 45 strawberries.
  • Moves: 25

Tip #1


You’ll never rest easy as long as there are spiders on the board. The spider will destroy your game as it traps cropsies inside webs that you can only destroy by making matches with those cropsies.

Focus on destroying the nests of the spiders by making moves adjacent to them. That way, there is nowhere that the spider can jump onto, thus cornering it and finally being able to collect it. Always make moves near the spider in order to get it more easily.

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Tip #2


While you can find a lot of apples, onions, and strawberries on the board, it is not enough that you simply collect them using regular matches. After all, you only have 25 moves to finish this level, and most of these moves will be used in capturing the spider. If you cannot find any huge combos with the required cropsies, then you should at least increase their values before collecting them.

You can do that by making moves surrounding those required cropsies before finally collecting them. Look for moves near the webs so that you can also help destroy the spider webs.

Popular: Top 10 Farm Heroes Tips. Beat the Game’s Most Difficult Levels.

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Tip #3


Suns and droplets are not required in order to finish this level. You might be tempted to release them from their webs once the spider catches them, but stay focused and know what your level objectives are. Don’t waste your moves in these cropsies, and only match them if you’re going to get something from it, such as destroying a nest or increasing the value of other required cropsies.

Once you finish this level, you should be prepared to collect more than one spider and a whole bunch of flowers in Farm Heroes level 299.
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