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Farm Heroes Saga Level 299 Tips

As an animal club level, level 299 of Farm Heroes Saga is bound to be one for the books. Although you have 40 moves to begin with, you should also expect this level to be quite hard as you are tasked to collect 4 spiders and 26 flowers on top of 70 carrots. That means that you should make every move count, or else you’ll find yourself running out of moves at the end of this level. The single good news is that there are no available spider nests, so there is no way that the spiders can jump from one nest to another. Hence, it will be easier to collect them, as long as you have gotten rid of the other blockers along the way. Take note of the following strategies for Farm Heroes Saga to help you beat level 299. Objective: Collect 4 spiders, 26 flowers, and 70 carrots. Moves: 40 Tip #1 Aside from the fact that it takes three moves to make the flowers bloom and have them collected, you also have to start with the flowers because they are blocking the spiders from your reach. Make moves near the flowers so that you can easily get rid of them and be able to collect 26 of them in no time. To speed things up a bit, aim to hit more than one flower at a time. This will be quite easy because the flowers are all adjacent to each other. Remember to clear all the flowers on the board, as you need all of them to pass this level (this part of the level actually reminds me of Farm Heroes level 129 in many ways). Back to Top Tip #2 Once you have gotten rid of the flowers, you’ll gain access to the intricate webbed cropsies that the spiders have produced. Match those cropsies as soon as you can, and then make adjacent matches to the spider in order to capture it. Do this as soon as you uncover the spider. Again, collecting the spiders is much easier in this level because there are no other nests where they can jump onto. Back to Top Tip #3 Don’t forget that you also need 70 carrots to finish this level. Although you can rely on cascades to do the work for you, you also have to exert some effort in collecting these carrots. For instance, you should always be on the lookout for any huge combos that might increase the bonus points of the carrots. You should also aim to increase their bonus first before collecting them so that you can collect more in fewer moves. If you’ve gotten tired dealing with spiders, rest assured that you’ll be introduced to a new opponent when you reach Farm Heroes Saga level 311. Back to Top

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