Farm Heroes Saga Level 327 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

Level 327 of Farm Heroes Saga is one of those few levels that have been revamped to supposedly make your life easier. But I’m not sure if that’s the case here, since instead of collecting strawberries, you are now tasked to collect dragon eggs and water droplets. As you know, these are a lot harder to collect than strawberries.

But still, this level might actually be easier than you think. Given the right strategy, you might be able to finish one of the most difficult Farm Heroes levels using just a few moves, even enabling you to enter Hero Mode. Here are some tips to help you get past this level.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Focus on removing frozen cropsies covering the water buckets.
Tip #2 – Let the water droplets match by themselves.
Tip #3 – Work on the bottom right corner of the board to get the dragon eggs.
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  • Objective: Collect 2 dragons and 20 water droplets.
  • Moves: 14

Tip #1

The first thing that you need to do in this level is to get access to the water buckets, which are located at the protruding leftmost column of the board. To do this, you need to unfreeze the frozen cropsies that are blocking your access to the buckets by matching those cropsies accordingly.

Keep in mind that you need to make matches adjacent to the buckets three times in order to fill them and make them release the water droplets that you need to finish this level. It is also helpful to focus on either the top two or bottom two buckets so that your moves will be concentrated on one are of the board.

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Tip #2

You don’t have to consciously make matches using the water droplets, as the ones on the board will be automatically matched with the water droplets that the buckets are releasing. Hitting the buckets accomplishes two things. One, it releases the water droplets and unfreezes the frozen droplets, and two, it makes big matches with the water droplets.

Popular: Top 10 Farm Heroes Tips. Beat the Game’s Most Difficult Levels.

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Tip #3

Since you also need to collect two dragon eggs, don’t jump right away into collecting the ones that are located on top of the board. No other dragon eggs will further appear on the board, so be patient as you try to bring down the dragon eggs on top onto the frozen dragon eggs at the bottom right corner of the board.

This should no longer be a difficult task once you have gotten rid of the frozen water droplets between the top and bottom dragon eggs. You might even end up having extra moves for Hero Mode.

If you think level 327 is easy, wait until you reach Farm Heroes Saga level 329, where you have to collect not just dragon eggs, but also a couple of those pesky spiders.

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