Farm Heroes Saga Level 329 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

Level 329 of Farm Heroes Saga is a pretty difficult level, not just because of the amount of cropsies that you need to collect, but also because of the spiders and the webs they create that further complicate matters. Worse, there are two spiders that you need to collect, so expect that you will have a really difficult time getting past this level.

Aside from the spiders, you also have to collect carrots, onions, and dragon eggs to finish this round. Here are some hints that you might find helpful in completing level 329 and moving on to the next challenging Farm Heroes Saga round.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Minimize the spider webs on the board.
Tip #2 – Make moves near the spiders to capture them.
Tip #3 – Match the eggs and let the carrots and onions cascade.
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  • Objective: Collect 2 dragons, 2 spiders, 58 onions, and 58 carrots.
  • Moves: 20

Tip #1

Because there are actually two spiders on the board, expect the board to be covered with spider webs at the start of the level. In order for you to be able to move around the board, you have to get rid of those spider webs, especially the ones that are covering the cropsies that you need.

Don’t just get rid of any spider web that comes your way. Try to do it in a way that you get closer to the spiders so that you’ll be able to collect them as soon as possible. Use shovel booster to help you

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Tip #2

Just like what I said in the previous tip, you have to make sure that you get as close to the spiders as possible in order to capture them right away. Destroying their nests is key to collecting them.

To destroy the nest they are in, make a match adjacent to it. This will prompt the spiders to jump to another nest, and you just have to repeat the process in order to banish them from their nests once again. Once they have no more nests to jump onto, you can finally capture the spiders by making a move next to it.

Popular: Top 10 Farm Heroes Tips. Beat the Game’s Most Difficult Levels.

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Tip #3

Aside from spiders, you also have to collect two dragons and lots of carrots and onions. To collect the dragons, match the dragon eggs thrice every time you get the chance to do so.

You don’t have to worry much about the carrots and onions, since cascades will help you complete the required resources. The only thing that you have to do to make cascades possible is to release the webbed carrot and onion cropsies every chance you get.

If you found this level difficult, you might get even crazier when you reach Farm Heroes Saga level 343, where you have to deal with flowers, snowballs, and even bombs to achieve the level objectives.

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