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Farm Heroes Saga Level 354 Tips

If you think that grumpy cropsies have left this game for good, then all you have to do is to play level 354 of Farm Heroes Saga to know that this is far from happening. Those irritating grumpy cropsies are back with a vengeance as they dominate almost the whole board in level 354. To make matters worse, you actually have two rows of flowers that you need to collect. But while you still haven’t collected them, they serve as obstacles blocking you from accessing the grassy areas below them. You need to make each of your 26 moves count in this level; otherwise, it will be impossible for you to achieve the level objectives. Here are some Farm Heroes tips to help you out. Objective: Collect 16 flowers, 30 apples, and 30 carrots. Moves: 26 Tip #1 If you have any moves on the lower part of the board, make them (similar to how you had to focus on the middle of the board in level 157). This will help you open up the flowers from below, and also help you take advantage of the double points that are given for matches made on the grass. It also helps that the cropsies on the grass are not grumpy, hence you don’t spend too much time making empty matches. If you haven’t managed to create a hole in the two rows of flowers, that’s the time that you can use the grumpy cropsies to make matches that will help open up the flowers. Back to Top Tip #2 As much as possible, try not to make matches using the grumpy cropsies. This will be quite a difficult task because half of the board is made up of grumpy crops. That means that you always have to be on the lookout for any viable matches for the required crops, especially the ones found at the bottom of the board. Back to Top Tip #3 If you want to get the required number of carrots and apples, you have to make sure that you don’t just do regular matches. You have to increase their bonus points first before you can collect them so that you are able to maximize your moves. If you don’t do this, you might end up having grumpy cropsies instead of normal ones, and these crops will not be able to help you in any way. Once you have managed to conquer level 354, the next difficult match that you need to face would be Farm Heroes Saga level 366, in which you will be required to collect more than 200 water droplets on top of other cropsies. Back to Top

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