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Farm Heroes Saga Level 366 Tips

Even though you only need to collect two kinds of resources in level 366 of Farm Heroes Saga, this is by no means an easy level because of the sheer number of cropsies that you need to collect. In fact, you need to collect 231 cropsies in just 12 moves. And we’re not talking about ordinary cropsies—you need flowers and water droplets. Really, this level would have been quite easy if not for the 12-move limit imposed upon you. But seeing that there is no way that you can add more moves other than by buying them, here are some Farm Heroes tips that might prove useful for you in this level. Objective: Collect 9 flowers and 222 water droplets. Moves: 12 Tip #1 There are several water buckets peppered throughout the board, and all you have to do is make matches adjacent to them so as to release the water droplets. While this would normally take time because you need three moves for a bucket to spew out three droplets, it is actually quite easy for this level because of the position of the buckets. It is possible for you to hit multiple buckets with a single move. Even though you don’t need the surrounding cropsies, you have to use them in order to fill the buckets. Just make sure that you maximize your moves by hitting more than one bucket in one move. Back to Top Tip #2 The difficult part of this level are actually the flowers, since they are all located in hard-to-reach areas. That is why you need to always be on the lookout for any moves that will hit the flowers at least three times so that you can collect them. It is also better to find moves that can hit both flowers and buckets at the same time so that you make the most out of every move you are given. Back to Top Tip #3 Perhaps the most intimidating part of the objective is the need to collect 222 droplets. But actually, this is the easiest, since the more you hit the water buckets, the more droplets they produce. In fact, you don’t even have to make water droplet matches because they automatically get matched by themselves. Don’t exert any effort trying to find water droplet matches because they will be very abundant in this level as long as you keep on hitting the buckets. Just when you thought that there are no more obstacles in the succeeding levels, you’ll reach Farm Heroes Saga level 370, where the spiders have made a comeback. Back to Top

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