Farm Heroes Saga Level 370 Tips: How I Beat This Level?

You have 35 big moves in level 370 of Farm Heroes Saga, but you should also know by now that the more moves you have, the more complicated the level is. In this level, you get to meet firecrackers, which serve as obstacles most of the time, unless you know how to use them. You also have to deal with old obstacles, such as flowers and spiders, which you also need to collect.

I’m warning you right now that you might have to repeat this level several times before you finally get past it. Still, here are some Farm Heroes Saga strategies that you may want to use to minimize your repeats.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Break the ice and the webs first to get to the spider and flowers.
Tip #2 – Activate the firecrackers.
Tip #3 – Rely on cascades for the apples.
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  • Objective: Collect 1 spider, 4 flowers, and 80 apples.
  • Moves: 35

Tip #1


Among all the resources that you need to collect, the flowers will be the most difficult and the spider will be the most elusive. Before you’re able to reach the flowers, you have to break the ice and webs that surround them first. After you’ve done that, expect the spider to move to one of its webs, while you gain access to the flowers.

It is best to make matches that will hit more than one flower at a time. This can actually be pretty easy as the flowers are not too far apart from one another. As for the spider, destroy its nests with as few moves as possible so that you can capture it once it has no more nests to jump onto.

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Tip #2


Firecrackers might appear to be obstacles at first glance, but once you activate them, they can collect some of your needed cropsies and even destroy webs blocking its path. You have to make three adjacent matches in order to activate the firecrackers. Perhaps you can use apples to activate the firecrackers so that you are able to collect multiple required cropsies in one move.

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Tip #3


Even though you need 80 apples, you don’t have to pay too much attention to them because cascades will take care of them. As soon as you destroy the webs and unfreeze the frozen cropsies, you can already trigger a lot of cascades that involve apples.

However, if you find apples with high bonus points or with potential to create huge matches, you should match them right away so that you don’t let go of the opportunity to score high points.

You’ll get a breather from all these spiders and flowers once you reach Farm Heroes Saga level 388. Instead, you have to deal with cracking chicken eggs to complete the level.

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