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Farm Heroes Saga Level 388 Tips

Level 388 has a pretty complicated-board, since all the eggs that you need to collect are located in the farthest columns, while the other cropsies are located in the middle. With only 15 moves to spare, you have to be very careful in using each of them if you don’t want to repeat this level over and over again. At first, I had a hard time dealing with level 388 until I realized that I might be doing something wrong. Before you get out there and start cracking chick eggs, read the following strategies for Farm Heroes first so that you might be spared of repetitive agonies in playing this level. Objective: Collect 4 chicks, 70 suns, and 70 strawberries. Moves: 15 Tip #1 Your first instinct in this level is probably to start hatching the chick eggs so that you can collect all the four chicks that you need. After all, the eggs are all placed neatly in two columns, so matching is quite easy. But the easy way out is also not the best way to do it. If you start matching your eggs right away, you’ll later realize that you no longer have enough eggs to fulfill the level requirement. So you need to be extra careful in matching the eggs, keeping in mind that matching more than three of them will not help you earn higher bonus points and will only leave you lacking eggs at the end of the level. Back to Top Tip #2 The best way to crack the eggs without wasting any of them is by using the firecrackers. Firecrackers need to be hit thrice by adjacent cropsies before they can be activated, and they are pretty much abundant in this level. Once you activate the firecrackers, there is a chance that some of them may land on your chick eggs, hence cracking them. If you crack the eggs this way, you can be positive that you will not run out of eggs to match at the end of the level. Back to Top Tip #3 To activate the firecrackers, make sure that you use strawberries and suns to do that. That way, you are not only targeting the chicks, but you are also making sure that you fulfill the other required resources. It is pretty easy to make high sun and strawberry matches that will help activate the firecrackers. If you can’t find the required sun and strawberry matches, you can opt to match other cropsies first so as to increase the bonus points of the surrounding strawberries and suns. When you finally get to match them, you can be sure that you are maximizing the moves you got by collecting more than three cropsies at a time. Get ready for a snowball-filled round once you get to Farm Heroes Saga level 392. Back to Top

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