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Farm Heroes Saga Level 446 Tips

It takes some time to get used to the sheep in level 446 of Farm Heroes Saga. Aside from the fact that you need to collect four of them, sheep move in quite an unusual way on the board. You have to really strategize your moves in order to collect the sheep, which are actually harder to collect than the flowers. Besides the flowers and sheep, you also have to collect regular cropsies like suns and strawberries in just 22 moves. Level 446 might prove to be a difficult level, but here are some tips that you might find useful in this game of Farm Heroes. Objective: Collect 4 sheep, 16 flowers, 64 suns, and 64 strawberries Moves: 22 Tip #1 You have to start with the flowers not only because you need 16 of them, but also because they are on top of the haystacks. As a rule, sheep can only be collected by placing them on the haystacks, so as long flowers are there, you cannot collect the required sheep. To collect flowers, you need to make three matches adjacent to them. This will make them bloom until they’re ready to be collected. It will also be helpful if you use strawberries and suns to make the flowers bloom so that you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Back to Top Tip #2 It is very important to know how the sheep moves so that you can strategize your moves on the board (similar to how you conquered level 129, way back when). The sheep will only move from one block to another if you make a match next to it. The sheep will jump to the block where the crop that you used to make an adjacent match ends up in, thus replacing that crop. Knowing that, make sure that the matches you make next to the sheep lead it to the haystacks. Once the sheep lands on the hay, it will automatically be collected. Back to Top Tip #3 Don’t forget that you also need suns and strawberries to finish this level. To make sure that you’re able to collect them alongside the sheep and flowers, try to use those required cropsies as much as possible when trying to collect flowers and sheep. You may also increase the bonus points of these other required cropsies before matching them. Because you have a wide board, it is quite possible for you to pull off a few four- or five-crop combos that will help you collect as many suns and strawberries as possible with just a few moves. This is the last truly difficult level I’ve come across in the game. Itching for more great similar games now that you’ve handily beaten this one? I suggest giving Bubble Witch Saga 2 a try. It’s a game I’m thoroughly enjoying the more I get to play it, and I’m running a new series of guides for the challenging stages I find over there. Back to Top

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