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Farm Heroes Saga Level 47 Tips

In level 47 of Farm Heroes Saga, you need to collect four different cropsies in a pretty wide board that gives you enough room to move. The only downside is that there is a huge ice block near the bottom of the board that takes up much of the space that you need in making matches. And this ice block is not that easy to get rid of. To make things more interesting, you only 24 moves to collect all 144 cropsies in this level. Here are some tips on how you’ll be able to do that in level 47 of Farm Heroes Saga. Objective: Collect 36 apples, 36 onions, 36 carrots, and 36 strawberries. Moves: 24 Tip #1 Although it is not entirely necessary to break the ice in order to win this level, you might want to do that because of two reasons. First, this will allow you to have more space to make crop matches. Second, it gives you access to the grass underneath them, which helps double your points and achieve your goal faster. To unlock the frozen cropsies, you need to make regular or special matches using those frozen cropsies. But don’t get too caught up breaking the ice. Remember to keep your focus on the required resources. Back to Top Tip #2 Once you have freed the frozen cropsies, you will get access to the grassy area which doubles your points for you. As much as possible, make moves in this area in order to economize your moves. Remember, you only have 24 moves to remove 144 various cropsies, so doubling every match you make won’t hurt a bit. Back to Top Tip #3 If you find yourself unable to find moves using the required cropsies, it is best to focus on just one area and make matches even if you are not using the required resources. By that, I mean the water droplets, since those are the only ones that are not necessary for completing the level. By focusing on one area, you increase the bonus points of adjacent cropsies, thus collecting more crops even in regular matches. You also allow more combinations to pop up, and before long, you will be right on track with your crop collection once again. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble again until level 53, but be sure to check back here on ReadyGamer if you do. You have to deal with ice again in Farm Heroes Saga level 67. But this time, you are tasked to also collect water droplets, which will not be that easy given the layout of the board. Back to Top

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