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Farm Heroes Saga Level 58 Tips

In the past few levels, you became used to collecting water droplets the same way as collecting other cropsies. Well, that changes in level 58 of Farm Heroes Saga, since you need to release those droplets from the buckets first before you can collect them and fulfill your level objective. Aside from that, you also need to collect other resources, like suns and onions. Just like the flowers and chicks in the previous levels, the water buckets are just another obstacle that you can definitely handle. Here are the strategies that I used in my own gameplay of Farm Heroes Saga level 58. Objective: Collect 40 water droplets, 40 suns, and 40 onions. Moves: 16 Stars: 1 star = 100% growth; 2 stars = 150% growth; 3 stars = 200% growth Tip #1 In order to release the water droplets from the buckets, you need to make moves next to the buckets. There are four water buckets on the board, and you need to make three moves beside any of those buckets in order to fill them up and make them release the droplets. After that, you need to match the droplets just like any other resource in order to help you achieve your level objective. Since the water droplets are perhaps the most difficult to procure among the needed resources, you should focus on them most especially. Back to Top Tip #2 Special combos will be very helpful for you in this level since they can increase the bonuses of your required cropsies. Remember that you only have 16 moves to collect 120 resources, so making four or five-crop combos will go a long way in maximizing your moves. The best combo that you can create would be the five-match combo, since this will wipe out all the similar resources on the board. For instance, if you make a five-match onion combo and there are 40 onions on the board, you’ll have all the needed onions covered in one fell swoop. Back to Top Tip #3 As I said before, combos can increase your bonus points. When choosing which required crop to match, find the ones that have the highest bonus points so that you can collect as many resources as you can using as few moves as possible. If you keep on doing this step, you might even get the chance to enter Hero Mode, even if you only had 16 moves to begin the level with. After finishing this level, you’ll finally have more moves in Farm Heroes level 59. However, you’ll also be required to collect a larger number of cropsies. Back to Top

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