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Farm Heroes Saga Level 61 Tips

Up to this point in the game, it’s very rare to see more 30 or more moves at a given level. But you get to see that in level 61 of Farm Heroes Saga, since you have 35 moves to collect all the needed resources in order to meet the level objective. But don’t celebrate just yet because these 35 moves are here for a reason. It is quite difficult to move around the water buckets, as they are surrounded with ice. Therefore, as long as there’s ice around them, you’ll not be able to get even a single water droplet. The number of required suns and apples is no joke either. Here are some strategies for Farm Heroes to help you in this level. Objective: Collect 30 water droplets, 60 suns, and 60 apples. Moves: 35 Stars: 1 star = 100% growth; 2 stars = 150% growth; 3 stars = 200% growth Tip #1 Unfreezing the ice should be your priority in this level, as they keep you away from the water buckets that will give out water droplets. You can unfreeze the ice by matching the cropsies that are underneath them, so it is perfectly acceptable to make matches other than the required suns and apples, as long as you make sure that those moves help unfreeze the ice. After removing the ice, make moves adjacent to the buckets in order to release the water droplets. This time, prioritize moves that make use of suns and apples so that you can work towards the level objective. Back to Top Tip #2 Special combos will also be very helpful in this level, as they increase the bonus points of the cropsies. Even if you have 35 moves, they are not enough to collect all 150 resources by just making regular matches. Strive to look for four- or five-crop combos, as well as T-shaped and L-shaped matches to get high points and achieve 100% growth. Back to Top Tip #3 Working at the bottom is always a good move in any level in Farm Heroes Saga, since this will trigger cascades that can help you collect the needed cropsies. Working around the water bucket near the bottom of the board will help you do this. It will also help you release more water droplets that you need to match in the game. Having 35 moves is certainly a rare treat in the game, as you will go back to a mere 15 moves when you finish this level and get to Farm Heroes level 62. Back to Top

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