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Farm Heroes Saga Level 63 Tips

Rancid the Raccoon will be a very difficult opponent in this level. The fact that you only have 12 moves to achieve your level objective can psych you out early on in the game, and that is certainly not a good thing. To be honest, I found this level very difficult, especially if you decide not to use boosters. But just like any other seemingly impossible Farm Heroes Saga levels, you can certainly find a way in order to get through the next level. Here are the Farm Heroes Saga strategies that worked for me, and hopefully, they will work for you, too. Objective: Defeat Rancid the Raccoon. Moves: 12 Stars: 1 star = 100% growth; 2 stars = 150% growth; 3 stars = 200% growth Tip #1 You will notice that there are certain resources on the board that are covered in ice. Unless those are apples, carrots, or water droplets, forget about them. Actually, all the resources on the board can be used to defeat Rancid the Raccoon except for suns, so don’t bother freeing up the latter. There is a huge possibility that you might become too invested in freeing some of the cropsies from the ice, but remember that this is not your goal. Always keep an eye on the required resources and don’t mind the ice too much because there’s no need to break them. Back to Top Tip #2 If you want to increase your fighting power versus Rancid the Raccoon, you should aim to create combos with the required cropsies. That way, you can increase the bonus points of the crops you need, hence defeating Rancid in a faster manner. The best combo that you can create is the five-crop matches, since they will remove all similar crops from the board. This will certainly inflict substantial damage to Rancid. Back to Top Tip #3 I know that I’ve always advised you against using magic beans, but this time, that is not the case. Level 63 is one of those levels where you actually need to use magic beans in order to get boosters that will help you throughout the level. Hopefully, you have stocked up on many magic beans in the previous level so that you can use them in this one. If you ever find yourself running out of magic beans, simply repeat the previous levels where you were unable to get three stars in order to get more magic beans. Once you manage to defeat Rancid the Raccoon, you’ll advance to Farm Heroes Saga level 64, where you’ll go back to collecting the needed resources in a limited number of moves. Back to Top

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