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Farm Heroes Saga Level 67 Tips

Level 67 of Farm Heroes Saga is a bit more challenging compared to the previous levels because of the presence of ice surrounding the water buckets. You already know well enough that filling the buckets and releasing the water droplets is not an easy task. Just imagine how much harder and frustrating it is now that the water buckets are surrounded by ice, which you need to break before you can get to the buckets. I had a tough time playing this level, but I did stumble upon some useful strategies that helped me finally beat this level. Here are some Farm Heroes tips that might be able to help you in level 67. Objective: Collect 22 water droplets, 60 apples, and 60 carrots. Moves: 22 Tip #1 It is absolutely necessary to break the ice in this level so that you can gain access to the water buckets. Otherwise, you will not be able to collect all the 22 water droplets you need to finish off this level. To break the ice, you need to make regular or special matches using the frozen cropsies. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to remove all the ice. Just make sure that you have removed enough of them to be able to use the water buckets. Back to Top Tip #2 Once you have removed all the ice, the next step is to keep on hitting the water buckets. You will notice that there are no water droplets present on the board. The only way to collect them is to make the water buckets spew them out. To get the water droplets, you have to make matches adjacent to the water buckets three times. This will fill up the buckets, causing them to overflow and create water droplets. After that, you need to match the water droplets to collect them, but this is certainly easier than getting them released in the first place. Back to Top Tip #3 You don’t have to bother much about the carrots and apples because they will usually be automatically collected through cascades. But it won’t hurt to help them out a little. As much as possible, use carrots and apples for matches adjacent to the water buckets. This will let you hit two birds with one stone and achieve your level objective quickly. After you finish this round, you will be well on your way to a hard stage in level 70. Once you get past that, you will get a 20 move chance to face Rancid the Raccoon in the also-difficult Farm Heroes level 78. Back to Top

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