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Farm Heroes Saga Level 70 Tips

In spite of the overwhelming number of required cropsies in level 70 of Farm Heroes Saga, this level is actually quite easy, especially for an episode ending stage. I repeated this level only a couple of times, and during those times I had loads of fun, basically because of the cascades that just kept on getting triggered. Just like any other level, you need to maximize the 24 moves that you’ve been given in order to pass this level. Here are some tips for Farm Heroes Saga that will help you get through this level and towards the next episode of Farm Heroes Saga. Objective: Collect 65 strawberries, 38 water droplets, 65 onions, and 65 suns. Moves: 24 Stars: 1 star = 100% growth; 2 stars = 150% growth; 3 stars = 200% growth Tip #1 As you already know by now, the grass is your best friend when it comes to doubling your cropsies. Hence, you need to collect the needed resources on the grassy areas in order to multiply your points by two. This won’t be very hard because almost the whole board is covered by grass. If you’re going to make moves outside the grassy areas, make sure that you at least collect some of the needed resources so as not to waste your moves. Back to Top Tip #2 The buckets will be your key for collecting water droplets. You should always be on the lookout for any possible matches near the water buckets so that you can release the droplets required for you in this level. If you can, make matches that still touch the grassy areas on the board. This will help you gather the other required resources while also trying to get the buckets to release water droplets onto the board. It is also best to target the buckets located at the bottom of the board in order to take advantage of cascades. Back to Top Tip #3 You can further increase your score by creating special combos in this level. In fact, it is quite easy to create four-crop combos that will increase the bonus points of the other cropsies. But the best combo that you can make is the five-crop horizontal or vertical combo, since this will wipe out all similar crops on the board. If you really run out of moves, try making moves adjacent to the required cropsies so that you can also increase their bonus points once you match them. Level 70 is the final level in this episode. Once you finish this, you’ll get to play Farm Heroes level 71, where you’ll encounter and struggle against the grumpy cropsies. Back to Top

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