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Farm Heroes Saga Level 71 Tips

Since level 71 is the start of a new episode, expect that something new will be introduced to you. In this level, you’ll get to know grumpy cropsies, which are mud-covered crops that look just like what they are called—grumpy. There will be many of them in this level, as this serves as some sort of introductory level on how to get rid of those grumpy cropsies. Aside from avoiding those grumpy cropsies, you have a mission in this level, of course, and that is to collect several cropsies in just 28 moves. Here are some Farm Heroes strategies on how you can do just that. Objective: Collect 25 carrots, 25 strawberries, 25 water droplets, and 25 suns. Moves: 28 Stars: 1 star = 100% growth; 2 stars = 150% growth; 3 stars = 200% growth Tip #1 At the start of the level, the purpose of the grumpy cropsies will be spelled out to you. Each time you make a match using them, all the crops matched to them will be cancelled out. That means zero crops will be credited to your score. Knowing this, there is only one thing that you should do, and that is to avoid making matches using grumpy cropsies. Of course, you cannot totally avoid them when cascades ensue, but at least do not deliberately match them with any of the other resources in order not to waste your moves. Back to Top Tip #2 There will be other crops present on the board that are not really needed in order to pass this level. Ignore those crops and just focus on the carrots, strawberries, water droplets, and suns. The required cropsies are already plenty enough to occupy you, so don’t bother with the onions and apples that you see on the board, no matter how tempting their special combos may look like. Remember that you only have 28 moves, so conserve your moves as much as you can. Back to Top Tip #3 To increase your bonus points, it is good to just focus on one area of the board. That way, all the adjacent crops will increase their bonus points, thus helping you achieve your level objective in the fewest moves possible. Choose an area that has many of your required cropsies. It is also advisable to stay low on the board so that you can take advantage of the cascades that you trigger. You’ll encounter more grumpy cropsies when you reach Farm Heroes Saga level 76. Back to Top

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