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Farm Heroes Saga Level 78 Tips

Level 78 of Farm Heroes Saga is another Rancid the Raccoon stage. Even though the board can be a little difficult to play on because of the hole in the middle, your real enemies in this level are the grumpy crops. Just matching one grumpy crop can infect all the other good cropsies around it, thus invalidating that move. It can also be particularly tricky since you only have 20 moves to defeat Rancid the Raccoon. I had a hard time dealing with this level, and it’s highly possible that you will experience the same. But still, here are some Farm Heroes strategies that truly worked for me in getting past this round. Objective: Defeat Rancid the Raccoon. Moves: 20 Tip #1 Just like what I said above, grumpy crops can spoil your game because it can make the other cropsies grumpy as well. And do you know what score you will get if you match these grumpy crops? Nothing. That is why it is best to find matches that don’t make use of grumpy cropsies. It will not be easy since there are many of them on the board, but you are bound to come across good crop combinations. You can match them if there are no more moves left to keep the cropsies falling on the board, but don’t waste your moves that much because you only have 20 in this level. Back to Top Tip #2 You can increase your cropsies’ bonus points by making special combinations of cropsies, such as those with four or five crops. Since all the resources on the board can help defeat Rancid, the added value to these cropsies will go on a long way in trying to defeat Rancid in such a small amount of moves. Also, if you decide to make three-crop matches, it is best to look for crops that have high bonuses so that the amount of damage to Rancid will be higher. Back to Top Tip #3 In most levels of Farm Heroes Saga, you have to work low on the board to take advantage of the cascade effect and collect more cropsies. Sadly, this will not work that much in this level. Chances are, you will make cascade matches using grumpy cropsies, which will not help in defeating Rancid. The best way to go around this is to make all viable matches at the top of the board, then work your way towards the bottom. That way, you will not waste any possible matches at the top of the board, maximizing all the good crops that will help fight Rancid. When you get past this level, you will have a chance to continue your journey and reach Farm Heroes Saga level 80, where the green grass will help you achieve your objective faster. Back to Top

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