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Farm Heroes Saga Level 80 Tips

The board is pretty huge in level 80 of Farm Heroes Saga, so you will not have much difficulty in creating matches. The real challenge lies in the very limited number of moves that you have for this round. To give you the whole picture, you need to collect 92 cropsies—two of them chicken—in just 14 moves. And of course, you know how difficult it is to hatch chicken eggs. On the bright side though, you have two strips of grass and several semi-hatched chicken eggs on the board, bound to make this level a tad bit easier. Here are some tips for Farm Heroes Saga that will further help you win this level. Objective: Collect 30 apples, 30 suns, 30 carrots, and 2 chickens. Moves: 14 Tip #1 Just like in the earlier levels, you can take your focus off the basic cropsies like carrots, suns, and apples, and instead divert all your efforts towards hatching the chicken eggs. You will notice that there are partially hatched eggs at the top row and another set of eggs in the middle row. Avoid matching the eggs in the same row. Instead, what you need to do in order to get two chickens is to make the eggs on the top row fall in between the eggs in the middle row. That way, it will be easier for you to match the eggs and easily hatch two chickens. Back to Top Tip #2 Since there are no grumpy cropsies in this level, working low on the board will work well for you. Specifically, make matches directly below the partially hatched eggs on the top of the board, so that you can bring them down to the middle row where the other semi-hatched eggs are waiting to be matched. And of course, you can take advantage of cascades when you work at the bottom of the board. Back to Top Tip #3 Making matches on the grassy areas will double your bonus points, so don’t forget to take advantage of them. Focus on the lower grass because it can create larger cascades. Remember to match only the required cropsies, and avoid matching onions, water droplets, and strawberries, which will not contribute anything to your growth in this level. After finishing this level, you’ll once again get the chance to finish off Rancid the Raccoon in Farm Heroes Saga level 91. Also, be ready for the return of the grumpy cropsies. Back to Top

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