Farm Heroes Saga Tips & Cheats | How I Beat These Levels

If you love playing Candy Crush Saga, then you will also love playing this new game by Farm Heroes Saga looks like your ordinary match-three game, but with really cute cropsies that you need to collect in order to finish the level.

Unlike Candy Crush, there are levels in Farm Heroes in which you need to defeat Rancid the Raccoon, who threatens to steal your crops and destroy your farm. I can’t get enough of this game, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same away after the first few levels.

Level 16
Level 30
Level 33
Level 34
Level 40
Level 47
Level 53
Level 57
Level 58
Level 59
Level 61
Level 62
Level 63
Level 64
Level 67
Level 70
Level 71
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Level 78

Level 80
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Level 100
Level 103
Level 115
Level 120
Level 124
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Level 153
Level 157
Level 161
Level 173
Level 174
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Level 192
Level 221
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Level 238

Level 263
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Level 299
Level 311
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Level 354
Level 366
Level 370
Level 388
Level 392
Level 446

I’ve prepared a quick guide below of my favorite 10 tips and hints I’ve picked up while playing Farm Heroes. You will only find this guide here on ReadyGamer, so be sure to share it with your gamer friends. Now, on to the good stuff.

If you want to learn how to play this new fun and exciting game, here are the top 10 tips, cheats, and hints for Farm Heroes Saga:

  1. Focus on the required crops. As previously mentioned, your main goal in the game is to collect all the required crops. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it can also be difficult. Always keep your eyes on the goal so that you will be able to get through the next level with ease.


  2. Make matches around required crops. If you ever run out of moves on the required cropsies, an alternative is to make moves adjacent to those crops. This will increase the bonus points of the adjacent crops, and this can be seen at the bottom right part of the crop. Increasing the bonus points also means increasing the crop yield. For instance, if you match three strawberries and one of them has a +2 bonus point, that means that you will not only collect three, but five strawberries in just one move.


  3. Get the more difficult resources first. Sometimes, you are also required to match flowers, hatch eggs, and collect water. These are not easy to do, since they need to be matched several times before you can finally collect them. In such cases, you need to prioritize matching them before the other crops. Other crops can take care of themselves because of cascades, while these more difficult resources need to be deliberately matched in order to be collected.


  4. Maximize Hero Mode. If you happen to have extra moves at the end of the level, you enter Hero Mode, where many cropsies are randomly given bonus points. Do not rush finishing Hero Mode, since this is not time-bound. Instead, take your time and look for matches that have the highest bonuses so that you can increase the growth of your crops and be awarded with more Magic Beans.


  5. Stay low for cascades. Just like in Candy Crush, staying low in Farm Heroes Saga is very helpful for your game, especially if you are already running out of moves. This will help you trigger cascades, which might make accidental matches that will finally get you to the next level. So if you’re stuck, work low.


  6. Increase crop bonuses by making special matches. Another way that you can increase your crop bonuses is through making four- or five-crop matches. If you match four crops, that would give a +2 bonus on the crops located in that row or column. If you match five crops, all similar crops will be removed from the board. If you make a T- or L-shaped match, all crops in their row and column will get +1 bonus point. These moves will certainly help you win the level with few moves to spare.


  7. Focus on one area to increase bonuses. If you just limit your moves on one area, you will notice that the surrounding crops will have higher bonus points than the crops on the rest of the board. This is a great strategy if you are trying to increase your score. Just make sure that the area you selected has many required resources so that you can collect them.


  8. Save Magic Beans. A lot of people use Magic Beans to beat Rancid the Raccoon every time they encounter him. However, it is advisable to save those Magic Beans for later levels, when the game becomes really difficult. Using those beans on the earlier levels will just waste them, since Rancid the Raccoon can be easily beaten without the Magic Beans. Remember, use your beans wisely and try to conserve them for more difficult Rancid the Raccoon levels.


  9. Use gold to unlock gates. Gold can be used for buying power-ups, but if you don’t want to pay any real money for this game, then you should also remember to use your gold wisely. They are very rare and valuable especially when unlocking gates, so use them for that purpose only. Don’t waste your time buying power-ups, especially when you can get past a level without their help.


  10. Get extra lives by adjusting time. Just like other games, Farm Heroes Saga also take an awful lot of time in regenerating lives. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can adjust the time in your device so that you can get extra lives instantly. Just go to your device’s Settings, then go to Date and Time. Adjust the time a few hours ahead, and then open Farm Heroes Saga afterwards. Your lives should be replenished by then. Don’t forget to go back to the Date and Time settings and reset it to its original time so that you will not experience glitches later on. Now, you can play Farm Heroes Saga with full lives.


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