Fortnite Mobile: Strategies, Tips, And Overall Rating


If you’re looking for an intensely entertaining mobile game to pass the time while even playing with your friends, Fortnite Mobile is the clear and leading choice. Fortnite Mobile is a recently released mobile version of the globally famous console and computer game sharing the same name.

Following is a consideration of the mobile game in contrast to the console version, in addition to strategies and tips to help you have the most wins at Fortnite Mobile possible. As we’ll see, Fortnite is a fantastic game that we can play with our friends that allows for a truly unique and expansive game-play experience.

What Is Fortnite Mobile?

Fortnite Mobile is a mobile application-based game that is available for the IOS 11 on iPhone 6S/SE and later versions, as well as on the iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, and later models. The game has also been released for Android-based devices.

Fortnite can be best described as the free-roaming sandbox world of Grand Theft Auto, the mining and building aspect of Minecraft, coupled with the intense squad-based shooting action commonly found in the Call of Duty franchise. These popular features of many other well-loved games are combined seamlessly.


Fortnite Mobile is a mobile app adaptation of the popular computer and console game of the same name. Fortnite on the console is a highly unique and competitive experience with a broad range of game options. At its most basic, the purpose of the game is to engage in RPG-like item collection to assemble a respectable arsenal of weapons and armor, alongside “farming” to acquire the materials necessary to engage in the building aspect of the game. Through building, players are capable of erecting structures that can be used for cover, to evade an enemy attack, and even as launch pads.

While the console and computer version of Fortnite is globally famous and provides for a grand old time, Fortnite Mobile is a distinctly separate game and experience, albeit based upon the same fan favorite. Despite the different device that employs the game, the developer, however, claims that Fortnite Mobile is the same content, the same unlockable items, and accessories, and the game-play is the same. Developers also plan on releasing the same weekly updates for Fortnite Mobile as with the console and computer-based versions.

Why Players Love Playing

The experience to be had on Fortnite Mobile closely resembles that of the computer or console versions although the visuals and performance at times lag a bit behind the computer versions. Beyond that, however, the game is the same, and the reasons why fans love playing the game are also identical.

Cooperation and Teamwork

One of the most interesting and enjoyable aspects of Fortnite Mobile and Fortnite is the social aspect of the game. We can choose between playing solo, in a duo, or a squad which is comprised of four members. When we play on duo or squad mode, we can play with randomly generated players from across the world, or we can team up with our friends and engage in live team-based games.

With the added option of using a microphone to engage in real-time communication with your partner or squad mates, Fortnite Mobile is a highly interactive experience we can enjoy simultaneously with our friends.


How To Play

After selecting your character from the many skins available if you’d like to purchase V-Bucks, or use the default costume, you hit ready. A brief wait in a loading screen is experienced in which all the players in the game are present, and if you’re chatting with your squad, you have a chance to catch up here while awaiting the launching of the ships, which are massive buses floating beneath hot air balloons. The players are loaded onto the ships which then fly over the many locations on the map, with the players choosing when to eject out of the ship to land.

The Drop

The drop is when and where we decide to jump out of the ship. Often a player will congregate into the areas with buildings, as the building hold treasure chests of weapons and shields and other accessories, and can then be farmed to add to the materials available for building.

Searching and Farming

Once we’ve dropped into the game map, it is essential that we find weapons to avoid being killed. Without weapons are armed with a pickaxe that can do 10 damage per hit, which could kill an opponent, but if they have a gun and are shooting, it can be difficult to get close enough.

If someone is shooting at us, we can build a wall and stairs to create space and walls between the attack. For this to happen, we must farm for materials. The buildings themselves, the trees, and just about any object in the environment can be targeted by our pickaxe and farmed into wood, bricks, or metal that we can then build with.



To achieve victory in Fortnite, we must eliminate our opponents with weapons. Having found weapons, we must then know how to use them effectively to target the opponent and do enough damage to first drop them down, then ultimately kill the players. While it would seem that shooting is a simple task, it does, in fact, take quite a bit of practice. Shooting at an opponent also returning fire requires that you build for cover and move upwards to shoot down upon them while avoiding return fire. Hopping up and down can make us harder to hit, but it also makes our aim more difficult as well.

To ensure that our shooting is up to par and we don’t waste time farming and searching only to die quickly, it is best to start playing in solo mode and dropping into towns. In this way, we can quickly find a gun and an opponent to practice with, as otherwise upwards of 20 minutes could be spent farming and assembling shields and weapons, than with poor shooting the first enemy encountered will end our game.


The building is essential to create cover and gain ground over the enemy. Begin with a simple fort in which you make four vertical walls around you into a box, then lay stairs, climb them, lay a ground floor, then the four walls, stairs, floor, walls, and stairs, for as many levels as it takes for you to get away or above your opponent to return safely fire.


The Storm

Keep an eye of the storm as it is closing in! Once the timer indicates, the playing zone shrinks, and remaining outside of it does damage and eventually kills us. So not only must we watch out for enemies but also the closing in of the environment.

Strategies & Tips

To win at Fortnite, practice does, in fact, make perfect. Knowing how to shoot, farm, or build alone will not achieve victory. It is through the combination of building and shooting after having effectively farmed that a competitive advantage is achieved. The most formidable of forts will fall to a drum gun if your opponent has enough bullets, and a rocket launcher can foil the most perfectly coordinated and planned attack against an enemy base. So the first strategic tip: make sure to effectively farm so that you have quality weapons, and shield coverage.


In terms of weapons, there are colors for you to watch out for. Traditional guns start off in gray, then move into yellow, blue, purple, and gold, in ascending order. A blue assault rifle in contrast to a gray assault rifle, indicated by the colored background behind the weapon itself, will be capable of doing more damage. If you’re in close quarters, try to get a shotgun out, and at distances, a sniper rifle can be the difference between a squad victory and total defeat. Coordinate with your squadmates to make sure that you are all armed up effectively.

On top of our 100 points of health, we can also achieve an additional 100 points of a shield. This is built through drinking blue potions, slurp juice, and various other blue-based drinks or even mushrooms. Small potions allow you to get up to 50/100 shield, and then a large shield potion can be used to bring up the other 50 points to achieve full shielding. Slurp juice will fill our entire shield meter. Having shield can be the deciding factor in a battle, with the extra 100 points effectively doubling up the health that we have available to us.

On a scale of 5, Fortnite Mobile gets a clear and definitive 5 stars. The game has a variety of modes from which to choose, whether we’re in the mood for intense everyone for themselves 100-gamer battles, or coordinated team games such as the new heist mode, or 50 v. 50 modes with extended glider functionality to add a high-flying element to the game.

To keep up on the latest games and strategies, check back to Ready Gamer regularly for more. Until then, good luck assembling your squad and winning as many V-Bucks as you can, those skins aren’t cheap, but they can be super cool.

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