Golf Clash Tips: Cheats And Overall Rating


Playing games is one of the best ways to pass the time. One of the games that you can find on iOS and Android platforms is Golf Clash, which is not a hardcore sport. Rather, Golf Clash is more of a casual title that mainly focuses on facing human opponents in real-time, one-on-one golf battles, while also presenting an opportunity to get social. For easier mastering of the game, Golf Clash tips are handy.

This Golf Clash tips article provides you with the best cheats, tips, and strategies to maneuver effectively through the hardest parts. It also provides our rating of the game, which you probably look for before downloading and playing a game. One thing is clear, however, it is one of the best games out available on the market.

By reading this Golf Clash tips article, you will learn how to time your shots, when to upgrade, and how to beat opponents. Our Golf Clash tips and cheats will provide you with vital information about how well you need to time your golf shots and how to upgrade your clubs to enjoy playing it more. You should note that the game is skill-based and not ratings-based, which is one reason for choosing Golf Clash as a game of choice.

What Is Golf Clash?

Golf Clash, unlike many other golf games, is a free-to-play arcade sports game from Playdemic. You can play against random players around the globe or even your Facebook friends, which might make you one of the best golfers out there.


The game is simple to pick up and play, but there are a few tricks that you need to learn along the way. We promise to get you prepared to take on the world and probably score a hole-in-one. Learning about the Golf Clash tips will get you winning trophies in no time.

How To Play

Golf Clash requires that you master the game controls, which is all about timing. To succeed in this game, the first thing you should master is learning when to let go of the ball. It is simple to get the ball off the ground, which is done mainly by pulling the ball back until it hits the blue circle. Importantly, you need to ensure that everything is aligned perfectly.

You will then see a small target in the middle of your screen that has a needle going back and forth across it. You should ensure that the needle is at the center of the bull’s eye to execute a perfect shot. At first, you may not get perfect shots; but after some practice, you will realize that your shots improve significantly.

Practice makes perfect, and a little bit of practice is all you need. Simply release the ball just a little before the needle hits the center for perfect alignment. Once you master this trick, you will realize that everything else becomes much easier. You should make use of the following Golf Clash tips.

Golf Clash Tips And Strategies

Taking The Shot

You should not be afraid of moving the target away from where the game automatically places it. As you play Golf Clash more and more, you will realize that this does not have your best intentions at heart. Timing is a significant factor in Golf Clash. This is specifically true for when you are starting the game. In most instances, you will be tempted to pull the ball back as far as possible before you unleash it.

However, you need to know that too much power is not a good thing, which demands the use of just enough power. You should then pull the ball back and look at the target circle. At this point, you should ensure that the lines match up and that the blue of the circle looks perfect. Once you confirm this, you are good to go. When you are ready to take the shot, you should be prepared to release your finger just as the arrow hits the perfect line.


The worst-case scenario at this point is that you will get a great hit; but sometimes, you will nail it right. You can always add spin to the ball. As you continue to play Golf Clash, you will learn when is the best scenario for doing this. In most instances, you can probably leave it alone, but you will want to tweak the trajectory. As you master the art of swinging the club so that you hit the ball where you want it to go, you will realize that the in-game guidelines play things too safe.

To get angles, ensure that you hit the ball harder than is safe, but at a higher precision. You should aim slightly off the course so that you compensate for the wind. With sufficient skill that you will develop as you play the game and some smart thinking, you will be able to make it across the course more quickly and potentially give yourself more strokes to approach the hole while remaining below par.


Putting the ball in Golf Clash can be tricky. In this case, line up the ghost line just right to make the shot. It is easy to curve the ball, but it is of no use to any gamer. You should also note that power is a big deal here since you can easily overshoot if you use too much power. You should keep an eye on the game once it warns “too much power” and then take appropriate action to correct things accordingly.



You should remember that upgrading your clubs is an important factor to succeed in playing Golf Clash, particularly for later tournaments. You should stick to the upgrades that you will use most frequently. You should ensure that a club works for you before purchasing. Once you realize that it works, upgrade it frequently. You should open chests once you get them.

Even though they can take a while to unlock, you need to understand that it is just wasted time if you do not put them forward. Each instance where you unlock a chest, you will be able to earn tickets toward certain balls or clubs. You should always keep an eye on when you have earned enough to upgrade and then dive to your equipment. Ensure that you upgrade your most favorite clubs first before they become too expensive.

Remember to equip your new clubs. Golf Clash does not automatically do this for you and may become easy to forget. If you are running low on money, you need to focus on upgrading your putter and driver because these are the two things you will most frequently use. The balls offer specialized skills including Wind Resistance and Sidespin. However, they are not permanent, which implies that they are a one-shot-only type of deal. You should use them if you think that they will make the difference in a match.


Free Goodies

As you play Golf Clash, watch out for free coins, such as those you earn once you connect to Facebook or by sharing the game with your friends. Make sure you check for these free goodies regularly, particularly after every four hours. You should get into the habit of checking in and playing briefly at those intervals so that you can get the most out of your time with the game. You can also watch free ads to get free coins.

Participate In Tours

Taking part in tours is important as it is the primary source of funds. However, there is a fee associated with registration, so make sure that you have enough money left for upgrades. Winning tours awards you with many coins. You should, however, choose the tours wisely since you will shell out a lot of money for registration.


Aim For Achievements

Aiming for achievements is vital. These are things you do as you play; but check out which ones are close and easier to compete. You will be awarded gems, which is the primary currency of the game.


You need more trophies, which are earned by taking part in tours. The maximum number of trophies for different levels is listed below.

  • Beginner tour–20 trophies
  • West Coast–50 trophies
  • Asia Pacific–100 trophies
  • 6-star hotel–200 trophies
  • World Links–200 trophies
  • U.S. Champions–500 trophies

Overall Rating

Rating Golf Clash is a subjective affair. Golf enthusiasts will rate it 5 out of 5 stars. After playing the game, we have found it to be fun and would also rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

You should give Golf Clash a try. You may not succeed in playing at first, but as you practice more, the more likely you are to become a pro. The higher the score, the greater the fun. It is addictive and one of the more fun mobile games to play.

You should carefully read through the above tips and cheats to help you increase your precision and get more achievements within a few hours. It is an excellent game to play with friends too. Hopefully, the strategies discussed in this Golf Clash tips article will help you achieve more and contribute to a better understanding of the game.

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