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Image via: UnsplashIt is no secret by now that video games appeal to people. Several kinds of them are available to players, such as strategy games, war games, beauty games, and food-related games. Perhaps the reason that video games appeal to so many is that there truly is a choice suitable for everyone out there. Crowd Star, in fact, has created a popular game for those that love aquatic life called Happy Aquarium. ​In Happy Aquarium, players can create a virtual pocket aquarium where their own fish fill up tanks. Players can then take care of these fish, train them, and even sell them. What Is Happy Aquarium? Happy Aquarium allows players to have their own virtual aquarium. Players can create up to four fish tanks and fill the tanks with fish and decorations. The game operates on a level system, so, as players level up, more fish and decorations become available to them to buy. For example, players that reach the top-level can expect to find aquatic life such as baby squid, turtles, crabs, exotic fish, and several types of coral.As players build and add to their aquariums, they have the choice to either sell the fish they have for in-game credit. They can also do mini games with their fish. As players complete the mini-games, they earn points, in-game credit, and tricks that their fish will do. RatingsHappy Aquarium has a current rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by players and, despite being created nearly 13 years ago, was downloaded 91 times just last week. How To Play Happy Aquarium is a simple game. Even still, tips and tricks that help you succeed more in a game are always nice to have. Below, you will find a breakdown of how to do the most basic functions within Happy Aquarium, and a few tricks to excel at the game. Purchasing FishTo begin, players get a fish tank and receive an in-game credit to purchase fish with. The game offers helpful prompts and directions so that players know which fish they should purchase and how to purchase them. Upon purchasing fish, players can name them and choose their gender. Feeding Fish Players start out the game with food for their fish. Players can tell their fish’s hunger level by checking the bar labeled “Hunger” on the screen. To feed the fish, players need to tap the food icon and then the tank. If players run out of food, they can purchase some at the in-game store. Healing/Flushing FishAs mentioned in the “Feeding Fish” section, fish that are not fed for three days will fall ill. If this happens, players must click the button labeled “Heal” after clicking on the sick fish. As was also mentioned above, a fish that remains sick for three days will die. If a player’s fish dies, the player must click on the fish and select the button labeled “Flush” to get rid of it. Selling FishTo sell a fish, players must select the arrow tool and click the fish they intend to sell. Upon doing this, the fish will be considered “sold” and released into the ocean, and the player will receive in-game coins.Mating Fish: Players can mate the fish in their tanks by clicking on them and choosing the button labeled “Mate.” After doing this, eggs will appear that will hatch into baby fish. It is important to note five things with mating fish in Happy Aquarium: Only adult fish can breed. Players can mate once each day in the game. Mating is not always successful and will not always yield eggs and eventual baby fish. Players earn in-game coins from mating. To mate fish, players must have a clean tank, a fully healthy fish, room in the tank for more fish, and two adult fish of the same species to mate. Training FishPlayers can train fish when they take part in a mini-game as mentioned earlier. As players level up, new tricks become available for fish to learn. To train a fish, players must click the fish they want to train and choose the button labeled “Train.” If players want to see their fish do the trick, they must tap on the glass of the tank. Tapping The Tank As mentioned above, tapping the glass will cause the fish to perform the learned trick. But, if no trick is available to do, it will also cause the fish to swim away from where you tapped. Cleaning The TankImage via: Pixabay To clean their tank, players must select the brush tool and then click on the tank. Players can earn points for cleaning both their own tanks and the tanks of their friends.Adding FriendsTo add friends, players must select the “Invite Friends” tab at the top of the screen. This will pull up a list of Facebook friends that players can invite to be their Happy Aquarium neighbors.Sending/Receiving GiftsPlayers can visit their friends to earn more points and in-game coins. To do this, players click the image of the friend’s profile at the bottom of their screen. To earn points and coins, players can do tasks such as clean their friends’ tanks or give them a thumbs up rating on their tanks.Visiting Happy Aquarium Neighbors Players can visit their friends to earn more points and in-game coins. To do this, players click the image of the friend’s profile at the bottom of their screen. To earn points and coins, players can do tasks such as clean their friends’ tanks or give them a thumbs up rating on their tanks.Buying PearlsIn Happy Aquarium, players can use pearls to buy certain decorations. Players have the choice of using real money, either from their credit card, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, Zong, or PayPal to buy pearls. Players can also earn pearls when they level up.Customizing TanksPlayers can use in-game coins to decorate the player’s tank. Players purchase these decorations at the in-game store. Having a well-decorated tank could help players’ tanks get better ratings and potentially win a … Continue reading Happy Aquarium: Cheats, Tips, & Overall Rating

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