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Gamers who like Hill Climb Racing 2 should try the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats. Hill Climb Racing 2 is a sequel to Hill Climb Racing, a game played on the iOS and Android platforms. It is an arcade game centered on physics in which the player races to earn points. For players of this game, there are strategies that will increase their skills in this game as well as their enjoyment of the game.

What Is Hill Climb Racing 2?

In Hill Climb Racing 2, players try to control an unstable vehicle as they drive over obstacles such as hills and bridges. The game has two modes: “Adventure” and “Cups”. In both modes, the goal of players is to not crash. The Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats will help players to not only achieve this goal but also advance their skills in the game. Therefore, the players will have the maximum amount of pleasure from the game.

Why Players Love Playing

Hill Climb Racing 2 is popular because players can challenge themselves by rising to higher levels of skill and competing against other players. Players can upgrade their vehicles and win new ones as they increase their driving skills. They can gain coins which they can use to upgrade their vehicles and unlock new stages in the game. They can also gain gems which can be converted into coins or used to unlock new vehicles. They can unlock chests which provide coins, gems, and customizations. Finally, as players increase their skills, they can compete against opponents with higher and higher levels of skill that push the players’ abilities.

How to Play


In Cups mode, players race against other players. If players crash in this mode, they receive zero points for that race. However, if their opponents crash, their opponents can continue to race. Once players cross the finish line, they can crash without penalties. The yellow number in this mode signifies how far the player has to drive before crossing the finish line. Players do not have to worry about fuel in this mode since the races are short. One chest for this mode that players can unlock is the red chest which is unlocked after players win 10 races.


In Adventure mode, players drive alone for as long as they can without crashing. The yellow number in this mode indicates how far players have traveled. In this mode, players do have to worry about fuel and so must resupply themselves with fuel containers whenever possible. Players can have a more relaxed attitude here than they can in Cups because they are not racing. Players can also use coins to unlock four additional stages in this mode. This is another example of the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats that players can use since these stages not only give players new obstacles to overcome but also a chance to earn more coins.

​Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats

​Gas and Pedal

There are several more Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats that players should keep in mind while playing Hill Climb Racing 2. An example is to make generous use of both the gas and the brake. Using the gas without ever using the brake will result in the vehicle losing a wheel and tipping over backward. When players are climbing a hill, players should not use the gas. Once on top of the hill, however, players should use the gas to get a significant increase of speed going down the hill. When crossing level terrain, using both the gas pedal and the brake pedal is the best way to keep the vehicle upright.

​The Jeep

Players will start off Hill Climb Racing 2 with a jeep. However, another one of the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats is to prioritize getting the next level of vehicles instead of upgrading the first vehicle, since all the vehicles in further levels will be faster than the first vehicle. On the other hand, sticking with an older vehicle until the new vehicle is upgraded enough may also be a wise strategy.

Players should get as many vehicles as possible. The vehicles have unique properties that distinguish them in merit from each other. In particular, players should try to gain the super jeep which is a significant advancement over the first jeep. It not only has both higher levels of speed and a higher level of durability, but it also has a roll cage for protection against minor crashes.

​Tricks and Free Upgrades

Players should keep in mind that tricks in Hill Climb Racing 2 do not earn many coins and should be reserved for when the players are not trying to win a race. One of the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats includes free upgrades. Players can get free upgrades on vehicle parts by watching an ad video after clicking on the upgrade. Players can also get free upgrades from certain chests. However, while players will be shown free upgrades for vehicle parts, players will have to click on chests before finding out whether they have free upgrades.


In Hill Climb Racing 2, players will get most of their coins from chests, so they should open chests as much as possible. Besides the red chest, players will also be able to open a blue chest every six hours. Players can only store three chests at a time, so, as another one of the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats, they should keep one chest slot open for any new chests they win. The blue and red chests will immediately open after being tapped while other chests will take a few hours to open. After the red chest is opened, players will not be able to open that chest for the rest of the day.

​Ranked Mode Vs. Unranked Mode

In “Ranked” mode, players increase their rank by winning races, thus achieving levels such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. When players lose races, their rank points decrease. However, players gain more when they win than they lose when they don’t win. When players increase their ranks, they gain new vehicles and new stages. Stages for Ranked races are randomly selected. Another one of the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats for players is that if they dislike the stages selected, they can get different ones by exiting the race.

In “Unranked” mode, the races do not have any effect on the players’ rank points. Players can select the stages they have unlocked themselves and can also gain the red chest. Unranked offers a sample of one of the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats by being a good mode for practicing for a stage that players are having trouble with in Ranked.

​Adjusting in the Air

Players will need to learn how to adjust their vehicles in the air for stages with many hills. The main goal for players in the air is to land parallel, or at least horizontally, to the ground. Landing parallel gives players a speed boost, thus making it one of the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats. Landing horizontally will ensure that players are at least upright when they land. Adjusting in the air means pressing the pedal opposite the side of the vehicle that is too high. If the back end of the vehicle is too high, then players should press the gas pedal. If the front end of the vehicle is too high, then players should press the brake pedal. Players will have the most control by pressing one pedal at a time. Players can jump by pressing the gas pedal and tilting the front end of the vehicle upwards, which can make a nice finish to a race.

​Upgrading Vehicle Traits

When upgrading vehicles, players should upgrade the traits evenly, thus using another sample of the Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats. These traits are:

  • Engine
  • Grip
  • Suspension
  • AWD

Upgrading the engine will make the vehicle go faster. Upgrading the grip will increase the vehicle’s hold on the ground. Upgrading the suspension will increase the vehicle’s jumping ability. Upgrading the AWD will increase the quality of the vehicle’s two-wheeled power deliveries.



Players will find the gems of Hill Climb Racing 2 in the chests. The harder it is to win a chest, the more likely it will have gems and that the number of gems in it will increase.

​Overall Rating

The Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats demonstrate how Hill Climb Racing 2 is a fascinating arcade game that is more than a simple matter of driving as fast as possible. This game engages the intellect of its players by forcing them to use strategies to advance in rank and unlock new stages. It is likely to be popular with gamers who like driving games for a long time. For information on this game, check out the website readygamer.com.

​Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats: More Info

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