Kizi Mobile Games: Cheats, Tips, And Overall Rating


Kizi mobile games began with an online website and recently transitioned to a mobile application. Now users can have fun and pass the time no matter where they are. Kizi is a kid-friendly website that serves millions of gamers worldwide.

Noting the popularity of their website, they created a mobile phone app so players can enjoy their games on the go. Kizi mobile games are fun for both kids and adults regardless of your skill level. With fun graphics and gaming concepts, they have taken the intensity out of gaming.

What Are Kizi Mobile Games?

The result is a casual gaming experience that anyone can enjoy, and we have here to cover more about Kizi mobile games. Kizi games were first introduced on in 2010. They gear the games towards children with a variety of gaming skill and age levels. The founders of Kizi mobile games wants users to have a fun, casual gaming experience.Kizi mobile games offer hundreds of options for games that are instantly fun regardless of your skill level. When you download the Kizi mobile phone app, you will instantly be able to access over 120 games. You can play a classic game you’ve always loved or explore a new game in a foreign place or world. Players will find all the most popular games from in the mobile application.

  • Brain games
  • Cooking games
  • Retro games
  • PG games
  • Dress up games
  • Action games
  • Racing games

You can play a retro game you fondly remember from childhood or stimulate your mind with a puzzling brain game. You will instantly have access to a variety of racing games, action games, zombie games, and even RPG games.

The Kizi mobile game graphics are fun, cute and playful. Even if you’re not a kid, you’ll enjoy the creatively cute animation. Their games are 100% safe free for kids to play and Kizi it will never ask them to make an in-app purchase.

The Top 5 Best Games On Kizi

#1 Favorite Kizi Mobile Game: Bob the Robber


Bob, the robber, provides players with a super sneaky puzzle experience. As Bob The Bobber, you will have to steal precious gold out from under the guard’s nose! As you gallivant around stealing things you’ll be stationed in beautiful Paris. The graphics for this game have been updated making it a fun, smooth playing experience.

#2 Favorite Kizi Mobile Game: Dynamons World


Dynamon allows players to interact with each other in the digital world. You will compete in multi-player battles that happen in real time. Your mission will be to travel the Dynamon world while capturing hundreds of Dynamon. They are constantly updating this game to include more new maps, challenges, battles, and missions.

#3 Favorite Kizi Mobile Game: Money Movers


You must be extra stealthy and sneaky to be good at Money Movers. You’ll play a team of brothers tasked with the challenge of sneaking out of prison. This game is exceptional because you can switch between two different characters in one session. You’ll use a strategy to choose which characters fighting abilities are best equipped for the mission at hand.

#4 Favorite Kizi Mobile Game: 3D Color and a Play in AR


Creative players will love the opportunity to make their artwork come to life. With the help of augmented reality, users can make drawings move. The 3D game allows children and adults to use both traditional and new digital coloring techniques. It will display each individually covered page with a different fun animation.

#5 Favorite Kizi Mobile Game: Jagged Spikes


Sometimes simple is better. If you don’t want to learn a lot of game mechanics, Jagged Spikes is the game for you. Your character will start off flying right away, and you only have one mission in mind. Don’t hit the jagged spikes! As long as you avoid the spikes, you get to keep on flying. The graphics for this game are simple yet still manage to be originally cute.

Mastering Kizi Mobile Games

They intend Kizi mobile games to be easy to play right away. With a few tips and tricks, you can take your gameplay to the next level.  Below are fun easy-to-use tips and tricks for the top 5 Kizi mobile games.

Bob The Robber

You’ll want to take the time to watch the tutorial at the beginning of the game. This game is a puzzle game where you have to be super sneaky. You will do well in this game if you are always thinking one step ahead. You can more easily avoid obstacles, like guards, when you premeditate the next step the game will be taking.

While you want to get a lot of loot, remember that’s not the only goal. Your goal in Bob The Robber is not to get caught. If you manage not to get caught, you will be promoted to the next level regardless of how much you stole. If you get caught, you must start the level over again.

Dynamons World

This #2 pick for Kizi mobile games operates with a limitless imagination. You’ll start the game off by playing in a tutorial battle. After you defeat your enemy, you’ll be able to choose your Dynamons. Your Dynamon will start off at low levels that get higher the more they battle.

However, you can skip ahead in line and level up your Dynamon with more than just battles. There’s actually a fast way you can skip 10 or more levels at a time. Let’s say you have a Level 10 Dynamon named Vulfrost. You are traveling the world of Dynamon when you come across a Vulfrost identical to yours.

The only difference is that yours is a level 10 and this new Vulfrost is a level 25. When you capture the level 25 Vulfrost, you will instantly level up. You’ll have one very strong Vufrost rather than having two of the same Dynamons with different levels. The higher level your Dynamon, the more successful it can be in battle.

Money Movers

Make your choices carefully to beat this puzzle. When you are playing any puzzle game, it’s a good idea to take your time. Rushing or hurrying to finish a level will definitely result in failure. Instead, take your time and don’t get caught up in traps. When you fail, use it as an opportunity to be better.

Every time you fail, it means you got a sneak peek at what will come your way next time. Remember with this game you have the option to toggle between 2 characters. Each character will have their own unique set of strengths. You’ll quickly conquer the game when you strategically choose your fighters.

3D Color And A Play In AR

This game is less about winning and more about creating. You’ll want to allow yourself to be free to be silly when playing this game. Don’t worry about sticking to traditional color choices or styles when creating your art. The entire point of this game is to enjoy coloring the pages however you see fit.


You can save your work to prevent having to start from scratch in future sessions. Your favorite characters are easily saved, and the game has an option for your to photograph pages too. This game offers the option put it in play mode. In play mode, you can compete in high energy soccer matches.

Jagged Spikes

Jagged Spikes is arguably the most simple but fun Kizi mobile game. With this game, you have to pay attention. Enjoy watching your cute monster fly around and avoid jagged spikes. To prevent your little monster from dying just stay away from the edge of the screen.

With this game, you can’t take your eyes off the screen for even for a second. The moment you look away your monster will end up at the edge of the screen and perish. While you’re flying make sure you get as many biscuits as you can. Your monster will need them to get you the highest score.

In conclusion, Kizi mobile games are boredom’s worst enemy. Transport yourself to another world or just make artwork to share with friends. With so many choices, there’s an option for any player regardless of age. While they are still for recreational use, these games use strategies that can improve critical thinking skills.

Kizi mobile games are so great because they provide a large selection of quality games. With no in-app purchases, parents won’t have to worry about kids spending money on games. Also, Kizi games don’t bring along the stress associated with other games. You’ll be able to end your gaming session feeling refreshed and awake rather than burnt out and annoyed.

While the games are challenging, they still reflect the stress-free approach with cute game graphics and music. Overall Kizi mobile games stimulate the mind while being providing hours of fun. Parents can rest at ease as their kids navigate over 100 different Kizi mobile games.

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