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What Is Pokémon?Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is a popular Pokémon game that’s available for iPhones and Androids. Instead of trying to catch ’em all, there’s now a chance to level up a specific Pokémon-Magikarp. The storyline is straightforward; the player is a Magikarp trainer who’s trying to level up their Magikarp’s jumping skills, compete against other Magikarp trainers, and increase your ranking. If you win, you can become the League Champion, and earn even bigger rewards!Review Of Pokemon: Magikarp JumpThis is a fun new addition to the Pokémon franchise, good for people who enjoyed Pokémon go and are looking for other Pokémon games. It’s also a great introduction for people who are new to the Pokémon world but still enjoy a game that keeps things interesting with over 40 randomly generated events. Magikarp Jump is well supported by the developers, and recent updates mean that there is now even more content, and you can increase your trainer level even further. Another big plus is that this game is free, although there are some in-app purchases available. They’re not required in any way to advance or level up. So jump on ahead to the rest of this guide to find out more about the game and pick up some useful tips and tricks. How To PlayThis game, as with many of the best ones, keeps things simple. In order to win battles, you just have to increase your Magikarp Jump Points, or JP, through training. In order to train your Magikarp,  you spend training points, which you earn automatically every half hour. Magikarp Jump has an alert system so you’ll always know when you’re ready to train. The other way to increase your JP is just to feed your Magikarp by tapping on the food in the water. JP can also be given out as rewards after certain in-game events, which will be covered later in this guide.The player can also use other in-game perks to increase the level and JP of their Magikarp. There are support Pokémon that will cheer your Magikarp on during battles, increasing their chances of winning. They will also do helpful things like provide items or trigger in-game events. You can get support Pokémon either through the story progression or by purchasing them with diamonds. The player can also buy friendship items that will summon the helper Pokémon to give your Magikarp an added boost. The player can also get support candies to summon support Pokémon. These can be earned by winning competitions, or by buying them with diamonds.Keep leveling up your Magikarp and compete in battles, and after your Magikarp has reached the max level and loses a battle, it will retire. After that, you start again with a Magikarp that is more powerful than before and has a higher level of potential. Keep playing to increase the strength of generations. TipsAs mentioned earlier, this game keeps things interesting by using an exciting event system. There are many events that a player should try to keep track of in order to get even more coins, JP, and even diamonds. Listed below are some of the main ones you’ll want to trigger because many of them offer great rewards. On the other hand, though, some of these events also carry huge risks-you could lose JP or even your entire Magikarp, so be cautious when trying to trigger these events. There are also certain decorations the player can purchase to make random events more likely to trigger. In-Game Events”Out of nowhere”: Sometimes after training events, the player and Magikarp will take a walk home and run into a berry tree. The player will be asked if they want to try to have their Magikarp jump for the berries. If the player chooses to jump and gets the berries, the Magikarp can level up it’s JP by a great amount! On the downside, if the player fails to knock down the berries, there’s also a chance that the Magikarp could be eaten by a Pidgeotto. If that happens its game over for that Magikarp, and you have to start with a new one. “Is It Treasure”: The player and Magikarp may happen across a  mysteriousPokéball that is lying on the ground. The player can leave it alone, or they can choose to investigate. This event is generally one to be avoided because few if any people have gained any rewards from it. The risk is the loss of your Magikarp. It turns out that Pokéball is a Pokémon called Voltorb, which will immediately use self-destruct and take your Magikarp with it.  ”All That Glitters”: After training one day, the player’s Magikarp might be given the option to swim home instead of walk. While swimming, it could find a mysterious shimmering object in the water. Investigate, and the player may find some buried treasure! Sometimes the Magikarp will come across diamonds, an in-game currency that can usually only be bought with money. As always though, there’s a risk that offsets the reward; if the player is unlucky on this event, they may find a glass ball that causes the Magikarp will lose a large amount of JP. “Be Gone”: This event occurs when you repeatedly tap the TV in the corner in your pond and then hit cancel each time. Eventually you’ll get static, and afterward, when you train your Magikarp a ghost will appear to haunt you! Choose to leave the scene when this happens, and your Magikarp’s max level will increase by one. ”Adios Gyarados”: This event occurs when the player evolves their Magikarp into a Gyarados. To do this, you need to break its everstone, the item that keeps Pokémon from evolving. Tap the Magikarp repeatedly while it’s in the tank and check the inventory again. The stone will be broken; now there’s nothing stopping it from evolving once it reaches level twenty. After the Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, the Gyarados will immediately retire, since they can’t compete against Magikarp. However, the player will receive some rewards for experiencing this event. CheatsEvery once in a while a … Continue reading Magikarp Jump: Cheats, Tips, And Overall Rating

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